Saturday, January 07, 2006

Unarmed and Helpless in the Face of Rape

The Michigan Daily: EMU tightens security after rapes. Eastern Michigan University has a problem, there are rapes happening on campus.

So the university added "six new student officers" to its security force and improved lighting. (It's sad to think it took rapes for them to do something as simple as provide adequate lighting)
“We are doing anything and everything we can to stop this,” said EMU spokeswoman Ward Mullens.
Everything except empower the students to defend themselves, of course.

Without access to some effective means of self-defense, the weak will be overpowered by the strong. The few, (or the individual) will be overwhelmed by the many. Access to a firearm is no guarantee of safety, but creating a firearm-free campus has created a defenseless-victim zone.

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