Friday, January 20, 2006

Wisconsin Governor Vetoes Concealed Carry - News - Doyle Vetoes Concealed Carry Bill. As expected Jim Doyle showed that he does not trust the law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin and vetoed the concealed carry bill.

He said "it would just put more guns on the street." It would do more than that. It would give the law-abiding citizens the right and the ability to defend themselves from criminal attack. But being a good Democrat, Doyle doesn't want people to defend themselves, he wants them to cry for help (dial 911) and hope that help arrives before they are shot, raped, stabbed, beaten, or whatever other horror awaits them at the hands of the criminals.

He doesn't care about the 44 other states that have concealed carry laws and the lack of problems.

He doesn't care about all of the women who will be raped because they are made defenseless by the state.

He doesn't care about anyone who will be a victim because they were denied effective means of self-defense.

At least he didn't mention "Wild West" shootouts.

Republicans will now try to override the veto.

UPDATE 28 January 2006: The Wisconsin Senate has overridden the veto. The Wisconsin Assembly will consider the matter this Tuesday.

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