Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wisconsin Senate Overrides Veto of Concealed Carry

JS Online: Senate overrides weapons veto. The Senate has overridden Gov. Doyle's veto of the law. The Assembly will vote next week. People counting votes on both sides of the issue claim enough votes to either uphold or override the veto. I guess we will see on Tuesday.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal does a fine if subtle spin on the story. The first few paragraphs are all fact. Then they start in with the detailed quotes of those opposed. One senator is worried that the bill may be changed in future sessions of the legislation. If that really worries him, he would NEVER vote any law, because it might be changed in the future. (JS doesn't point this out.)

No mention is made of the experience other states have with similar bills when the opponents of concealed carry talk about what concerns they have. The do unbend enough to admit that Wisconsin is one of only 4 states without some form of concealed carry legislation.

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