Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Women Who Can't Let Go

Woman kills ex-husband's fiancee, then shoots herself - Tuesday, 01/10/06 I usually report on men who commit murder/suicide. To be fair here is an article about Vicki Sawyer, a woman who apparently couldn't handle the fact that her ex-husband was moving on.
"It appears as though (the victim) parked and was getting out of her vehicle to go into work that morning when she was approached and shot," Sgt. Charles Kirby said.

"So, apparently, the person was waiting for her to come to work this morning to take care of this deed, I guess you would say."

Miller then drove a silver Chevrolet Tracker sport utility vehicle to the far end of the parking lot, where she shot herself while in the vehicle.
The relationship was over. If she couldn't deal with that she could have killed herself without inflicting anything on another family. Michelle Miller (the victim) was a mother and a grandmother. Or Sawyer could have gotten some kind of psychological help.

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