Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Look At a Domestic Violence Shooting

I wrote about this case late last week when it was first reproted. Now we have a Follow Up on Attempted Murder-Suicide.

There is 1 thing to emphasize. The restraining order did nothing to protect her.

The shooting happened the day the restraining order against Ricardo Eldridge was made permanent. It had been a temporary restraining order prior to that. Not only did getting a restraining order not help Roseanne Buckman, it likely lit the fuse that ended with her shot in the throat.

Deputy Bill Mills with the Henderson County Sheriff's Department has this to say.
If somebody has this in mind to do it's tough to stop anybody, if I've got a mind to shoot you, it's hard to stop me. Try and stay with your family, stay in an environment where people are around, and not be out where you are isolated where something like this happens
I would not just say stay with family - you will endanger them. He can kick in your mother's front door, just as easily as he can kick in yours. You must also take steps to ensure your own safety. This means being able to defend yourself with whatever means you choose.

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