Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Canadian Liberals Still Trying to Ban Guns

Canadian Red EnsignOntario handgun ban 'difficult,' U of O expert says. It is so much easier than fighting crime, after all. You don't have to deal with criminals, just the law-abiding as you disarm them. While it is true that it does nothing to stem the tide of crime - and if the UK is any indication it increases crime - but it does give the impression of doing something - just not something useful.
Bill Molnar, president of the National Capital Region Rifle Association, said Mr. Bryant's plan is "a ridiculous idea which is designed only to buy them votes, as far as I can tell. If they ban the handguns, only the legal and registered owners of handguns will lose them and the criminals won't."
It would be interesting if the Canadian Liberals could point to one jursidiction where handgun or gun bans work to reduce crime.

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