Thursday, February 23, 2006

The CEO of Death Inc.

Or "What Anime Gun-toting Hooligan Are You?"

You are MIREILLE - Beautiful and highly skilled,
you see killing as a business. Yet you can't
seem to shake those demons from your past,
and that is what continually drives you
forward. You never let personal feelings
interfere with your assignments. The CEO of
Death, Inc.

What anime gun-toting hooligan are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

[Hat Tip Cowboy Blob and to Ox Rant as well]

Mireille Bouquet: Assasin
Weapon of Choice: Walther P-99

One of the most proficient professional assassins in the business, Mireille Bouquet's reputation has earned her great notoriety throughout the underworld of Europe. Calling Paris, France her home, this Corsican beauty lives an upscale and trendy lifestyle; befitting of her heritage as the daughter of influential Corsican ancestry.

Walther P-99 (German)

Caliber: 9mm x 19
Capacity: 16 + 1
Overall Length: 180mm
Barrel Length: 102mm
Weight: Approx. 710g

Mireille's weapon of choice is the Walther P-99 chambered in 9mm, which was designed to fit the needs of the German police force's pistol specifications in the mid-90's. Mireille utilizes the Walther's high-capacity magazine and striker-fired action to its full extent while in the field- allowing for maximum effectiveness in situations calling for the demise of multiple targets.

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