Thursday, February 16, 2006

Cheney Takes Responsibility

Cheney Takes Full Blame for Shooting - Yahoo! News. You pull the trigger, you are responsible for the outcome. This basically what Cheney said.

But I do like his take on the media reaction.
I had a bit of the feeling that the press corps was upset because, to some extent, it was about them — they didn't like the idea that we called the Corpus Christi Caller-Times instead of The New York Times. But it strikes me that the Corpus Christi Caller-Times is just as valid a news outlet as The New York Times is, especially for covering a major story in south Texas.
How dare he bypass the White House press corps. How could he wait for information to be available before making a statement?

A statement was made Sunday morning by the woman who owns the ranch to the local paper. The story then went out on the wire. An accurate story. Do you really think a NY Times reporter, who doesn't know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun, or what 28 gauge signifies, would have written anything intelligible, or unbiased?

And yes, 28 gauge is the correct round for quail, 16 gauge would be the preferred gauge for pheasant, while 12 would be for larger fowl and longer distances (e.g., duck and goose hunting). The only use I know of for 10 gauge is in signalling cannon.

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