Friday, February 10, 2006

Concealed Carry in Kansas

Kansas City Star | 02/10/2006 | Senate passes concealed-gun bill It now goes to the House before the Governor vetoes it.

The opponents worry about what may happen if the measure passes - even though the things they worry about haven't come to pass in any of the other states where "shall issue" concealed carry is the law. But hey, maybe Kansas is different than every other state.

It has all of the usual - stupid - restrictions on where you can and cannot carry, but the real issue is the upcoming elections. Publicola has the pertinent analysis.
What she'll be weighing is the political cost of a veto of this measure. It's an election year here in Kansas, and the Governor's got to determine whether or not such an action, patently unpopular with a majority of Kansas citizens, would be enough to tip the electorate back toward their natural inclinations and select a more conservative alternative.
Wait and see.

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