Thursday, February 23, 2006

Estranged Husbands and Death

Two dead at east Ceres apartments | The Modesto Bee
Police said they believe a Modesto man shot his estranged wife to death just outside of her home Wednesday afternoon before he killed himself with the same .40-caliber handgun.

The apparent murder-suicide took place in a gated apartment complex in east Ceres in the 2800 block of Della Drive, a block east of Mitchell Road.
No restraining orders, but a history of violence.

Hardeeville Murder Suspect Admits Guilt
Jasper County Sheriff's investigators say the suspect in a brutal murder and beating in Hardeeville has a history of domestic violence. Patsy Grant was found inside her home Sunday night shot to death, her daughter Michelle Lovette badly beaten. The suspect is Leonard Lovette, Michelle's estranged husband.
This mutant had been repeatedly arrested, but was not considered by The System to be a "danger to the community." He paid low bails and got out of jail. Funny, I would have thought domestice violence (any violence) would mean you pose a threat. But it was just to his wife and her family.

Yeah, this is The System I am going to trust my life too!

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