Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Ethica Foundation: The Emancipation of Women in Islam

The Ethica Foundation It is best to let them speak for themselves
The Ethica Foundation (founded in 2005) is an independent organization which has as its central aim to develop and support the emancipation of Muslim women across the globe. We make use of all available legal measures and resources to liberate and empower Muslim women in the broadest sense.
The projects are as follows:
  • Creating an international network: They are creating an international network, including regional offices, to provide aid and education to Muslim women and girls who are victimized or affected in any other way by domestic violence, oppression, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and honour related violence.

  • Education and raising public awareness: They are reaching out to a broad international audience by releasing publications (including articles, printed lectures, books and educational material), delivering speeches and making public appearances in any appropriate forum.

  • Supporting partner organizations: Work in close collaboration with NGOs, foundations and other organization who share our goals. Ethica assists these organizations, whether their challenges are of logistic, legal, financial, marketing or PR nature.
Based in Amsterdam [hat tip Free Thoughts]

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