Monday, February 27, 2006

Florida Will Try Again to Stop Parking-lot Bans

Bring your guns to work?. The business community likes to pretend that this policy stops crime. But the truth is it just creates disarmed victim zones.

One of the groups who benefit most from concealed carry laws are women and men being stalked by violent people. They could be forced to defend themselves at any time, and they are most vulnerable when on a set schedule to a known location: picking-up and droping-off kids at daycare and school, to-and-from religious services, to-and-from work. But these are exactly the places where, thanks to both the left and the right, they are most likely to be disarmed.

Personally I don't think that anything will change until one of these employers is hit with a major law suit as a result of an otherwise armed employee, disarmed by company policy, being attacked on their premises. I think they should also be held accountable if the person were attacked on the way to work, since their corporate policy disarms them on the entire trip to work.

Of course the author of this editorial does not agree. The paper believes that by keeping the honest hard-working people of Florida disarmed, the criminals will not prey upon them. Or something like that. [KABA]

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