Saturday, February 25, 2006

Four Calls to Police Do Nothing

WOAI: San Antonio News - Pregnant Teen Murdered after Five Calls to Police. The 5th call was to come collect the victims.

Four calls to 911 over domestic violence in less than 24 hours. The police
were powerless to arrest [Leo Angel] Luna the first four times because there was no probable cause or evidence of violence. An internal police investigation found no wrongdoing by officers.
Blanca Ponce, Luna's common law wife, her daughter Diana - who was 8 months pregnant (the child did not survive) - both died from gunshot wounds. Diana's brother is recovering from a gunshot wound to his face.

Of course this was not the first incident. Bianca had even moved into a shelter for abused women at one point, but then refused to press charges. So she did in part tie the hands of the system.

But the fact remains that the system - called 4 times in 1 day - did nothing, until it was too late.

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