Tuesday, February 07, 2006

From Liberal Democrat to Neocon - Part 6

neo-neocon: A mind is a difficult thing to change--Part 6 B (After 9/11: war is interested in you) This post in the ongoing tale of how one lifelong Democrat got "mugged by reality on 9/11." It is also the winner of last week's Watcher's Council vote on posts for the week. It is a long post, but really worth it!

I particularly like her description of the MSM's response to the war in Afghanistan. All of the liberal media had been predicting years of bloody war, famine, disease, etc. They didn't examine why they were wrong, or even discuss that they had been wrong.
Where were they? On to the next gloomy prognostication, that's where. I never could find the declarations of "we were so wrong; things are much better than they looked just a month ago." Here was an entire host of Emily Litellas saying, "Never mind." And now it was on to the next thing: "the Taliban are about to return."
A great post that deserved to win the Watcher's Council competition.

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