Friday, February 03, 2006

No Shots Fired, But Gun Stops Robbery - Greensboro, North Carolina: News: Grocery store clerk turns tables on armed teens They point a gun at her. She points a gun at them. They run away.
Employees said two people entered the store wearing masks. The clerk, Yong Bryant, told police one of the suspects pointed a handgun at her and demanded money.

Bryant removed her handgun from beneath the counter and pointed it at them, police said in a press release.

They then fled on foot.

A third suspect was outside and ran away with them.
All three were arrested a short while later and charged with armed robbery.

No statistics on people shot - good guys or bad guys - will be impacted. The Brady Bunch will try to ignore this incident (won't count it in any of their stats). But this is what the power of self-defense can mean.

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