Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Reason Regarding Concealed Carry on a Wisconsin Campus

The Badger Herald - Concealed-carry misunderstood. UW Madison is one of the more liberal universities in America, giving Berkley, California a run for its money. Which is why it is so surprising to see a rational piece on concealed carry in the campus paper.

Instead of swallowing down whole the lies and fear-mongering of the gun grabbers, this is a reasoned and researched approach to the topic.

It addresses the fear that people have of guns, and calls into question the idea that concealed carry will increase crime in Wisconsin.
There is evidence that concealed carry has the opposite effect, that of deterring crime. Several studies have shown that violent crime, homicide, robbery and aggravated assault rates are higher in those states with the most restrictive laws regarding concealed carry. It is suggested that the decrease in crime rates is a result of potential criminals avoiding confrontations due to the fear that their selected victims may possess a weapon and use it for self-defense purposes.
It turns out that not only is self-defense a human right, it is good public policy. [via KABA]

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