Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Self-defense in action

Off-duty police officer shoots two, kills one | - Houston Chronicle. An off-duty police officer who was being car-jacked shot the 2 men who attacked her, killing one.
Two armed men entered the officer's personal vehicle as she was putting her keys in the ignition. As one man pointed a pistol at her head and instructed her to move over, she pulled out her weapon and fired, striking two of the suspects.
Much is made about her being an officer, but she could have been any armed citizen in this encounter.

And for those who believe that she should have let them drive away with her in the car, women who are kidnapped and removed to a remote location almost never survive. Better to be shot in the head than raped, tortured and murdered. But it is really better to make it the mutants who pay the price, than to have the law-abiding pay the price. [via KABA]

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