Monday, February 06, 2006

Shooting Sports: Getting the Next Generation Involved

DesMoinesRegister: Taking a shot at new team sport. Chad Gleason, 13, has been shooting clays for about 6 months, and he has some interesting reflections on the shooting sports.
It can teach you patience," he said. "Just today, I got all the way down to the last station and almost got my perfect round. Then, I lost my concentration and missed the last target.

"The next round, I wanted to get through it and do it right, and I missed even more."
His mother, Colleen Gleason also believes the sport has had an impact.
"I think it has given him more confidence, particularly around adults," she said. "I would be all for him joining a team."
Ben Berka, Chad's coach is trying to get a series of teams set up for competition in Skeet and Sporting Clays. He needs coaches, and is trying to work with range owners to control costs. He says a round of shooting clays is similar to golf. (I think he is misinformed as to the cost for a round of golf!)

Berka was "recently appointed to Scholastic Clay Target Program director of skeet and sporting clays in Iowa." He is looking for 20 coaches to get teams set up. Sounds like a good idea for people in Iowa. Unfortunately, the article contains no contact information for the program or Berka.

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