Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shooting Sports: Trapshooting

The Times-News Online: Pull!: Local gun club sees surge in membership A local gun-club in Burley, Idaho is enjoying a surge in membership, driven by women and youth. "Especially teenage girls" are being drawn into trapshooting.
The basics of trapshooting

A trap range has five stations arranged in a crescent, one station for each member of a five-person squad. In a round, shooters take five shots from each station before rotating to the next.

Depending on handicap, each shooter stands between 16 and 27 yards behind the trap house, from which the clay targets are thrown. All shooters in a squad must be within two yards of each other.

The machine that throws the targets, called a trap, oscillates continuously. While all targets are thrown away from the shooters, they travel left or right at varying angles due to the oscillation and there is no way to predict which direction a target will fly.
This sounds encouraging to me; the next generation of Second Amendment supports is being trained.

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