Saturday, February 11, 2006

“Stand Your Ground” in 25 States�::� Deadly force battle brews. Alabama is considering "Stand Your Ground" or an enhanced Castle Doctrine law similar to what was passed in Florida last year. Prosecutors are upset because this would "hinder prosecutions." They like to be able to treat self-defense as a crime.

But the interesting thing is the statistic.
Alabama will be the next state to allow a person to use deadly force outside of the home and without first attempting to elude danger.

Twenty-five states across the country already have these laws. [my emphasis. Z-Deb]
So once again, we have the left claiming that these changes will lead to "blood in the streets," but conveniently ignoring the fact that in those 25 states that is not the case.

Prosecutors are claiming that they will not be able to do their jobs, yet in those 25 states laws are still enforced and criminals brought to trial. 14 states are currently considering similar laws.

Why in all of the articles I've read on this subject - and there are many with 14 states considering these changes - do people never look at the predictions of the Brady Bunch and other gun grabbers and say "Let us compare that prediction for Alabama with the state of affairs in Washington state, or Kentucky?" Predictions that these laws will lead to blood running the street are patently ridiculous once you know that 25 states already have these laws. That doesn't stop the predictions from being made however. What was that about the "Big Lie?" Tell it often enough and it might become accepted as true.

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