Friday, March 31, 2006

More Media Bias

WALB-TV, Albany: Women getting gun happy I think the headline of this article tells you everything you need to know about the bias of the news organization.

The whole piece seems to have fallen through a time-warp from about 10 years ago. Shock and amazement that women are involved in the shooting sports? Is Clinton still in office?

Then of course we get the required "gun-controllers say" statement.
Some gun control advocates say more guns only increase the chances of accidents in people's homes.
Some gun control advocates? Not even a quote from the Brady Bunch? These guys aren't even trying to hide their bias behind research. I mean, some people maintain that the world is flat. Some people say that France is a military power. Some people say a lot crazy things. Who are these gun controllers and do their statements have any basis in fact? Or is WALB just spouting propaganda? [KABA]

Don't Bring a knife Bat to a Gunfight

Man Arrested After Local Road Rage Incident Minor accident leads to potential road rage incident as one driver advances on the other with a baseball bat. The 2nd driver has a CCW permit and a firearm and pulls the gun.

The police arrest the driver with the bat. [h/t KABA]

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Media Bias and Self-defense - News - Resident Shoots Masked Man In Alleged Self-Defense From the "alleged" in the headline, to the first sentence in this article we see bias in action.
CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- Law enforcement officials are investigating what they describe as a self-defense shooting at a residence near North Fort Myers High School.
Police "describe" this as self-defense. If they had arrested this guy, do you think this would be the phrase used? Or would they pile on?

It is alleged that he did not commit a crime. That is basically what the headline says. Does that mean he is guilty until proven innocent? Well, of course anyone who defends themselves with a firearm is guilty in the eyes of the media.

Gratuitous PETA Bashing

I mean they deserve it... | Aggressive PETA faces backlash
PETA is "fiendishly creative, diabolically media-savvy and almost always wrong," said David Martosko, research director for the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom, a Washington-based coalition of restaurants, food companies and consumers promoting personal responsibility and choice.
What's not to love about personal choice and responsibility? This will drive the Left into fits.

Me? I remain a member of People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. And as Ted Nugent says, "You have to kill it before you can grill it."

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Media Bias on Parade

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias Much on the Rave shooting. And as always, lots of media bias.

Six Apart, Typepad and Pornography

Beth over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has a little problem with the way Typepad is treating people who stop their accounts. MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - Typepad SUCKS!!!

Merri of MerriMusings had been on typepad, but being unhappy with the service found a new home. Almost as soon as she dropped her Typepad account, SixApart - the company that runs the Typepad service - allowed it to be turned into a pornographic site. This seems to violate their Terms of Service, but the word from their support personnel is that they really can't enforce those terms on any blog. A letter to their press contact asking for clarification has gone unanswered, though that could just be for lack of time. (If they answer I will update this post!)

Merri was getting in the neighborhood of 1000 hits per day on the old site. Google searchs, blogrolls - though she is trying to make everyone aware so they can update to the new URL still point to the old URL - now a not-safe-for-work or children type of site.

If you are looking for a place to host a blog, I would look very carefully at what they did to Merri before I selected Six Apart or Typepad, and you should know that Six Apart has other hosting services aside from Typepad.

[Update: Access to the offending site has been suspended. Did Six Apart finally decide to enforce their TOS? Or did a whole bunch of angry bloggers and bad publicity get them moving? Probably some combination of the two.]

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Dr. Sanity and the MSM

Dr. Sanity: YOUR MSM AT WORK. The good doctor has a nice collection of posts about the MSM and their refusal to report anything that might be good for the administration. Especially telling is the cartoon about the economy.

Check out the comments too, as they are entertaining as hell.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How Much Control Do Businesses Have?

There was a discussion in the comments of a recent post about businesses and what they should be able to keep off their property. A whole lot of people believe that business should be able to keep me from having a firearm locked in my vehicle. It's about safety don't you know - or at least for some.

If the goal is "keeping employees safe," as they claim, should businesses fire anyone who obtains a restraining order against an ex-spouse, or other intimate partner?

After all, if things have degenerated to the point where a court order is necessary, there must be a real danger of physical violence. If businesses are to be held liable for not protecting customers and employees, shouldn't they fire anyone who obtains a court order? After all, the object of that order (the abusive spouse or whatever) could show up at the work place intent on doing violence. It is for the safety of everyone else that these folks - mostly women - would be fired. They present a real threat to everyone else on the property. Best to get rid of that threat, isn't it?

If you claim that business can fire whoever they like, can institute whatever policy - not related to race, creed, etc. - why can't they take this action? Safety first after all.

What legal objects can businesses exclude from their property, and what lengths do they get to go to? Some have said that businesses should be able to forbid certain kinds of jewelry. Religious jewelry for example. Should they be able to search my car for a cross or a Star of David? Should I be required to strip to show I don't have the offending item under my clothes? Where do they draw the line? Where do you?

Can an employer forbid me from having campaign literature in my car. They can keep me from distributing it at work, certainly, but should they be able to search the trunk or passenger compartment to ensure that I don't have the offending documents?

What about religious literature? Any literature?

Of course I don't believe businesses have this much authority over employees. But that is me.

Businesses Liable For Not Defending Against Crime

News from The Roanoke Times-Virginia Supreme Court rules shooting victim can sue motel A man attacked outside a motel is suing the motel. This particular Holiday Inn Express had a history of violent crimes, had been warned by the police about problems with the property and still got rid of their security force.

The case had been dismissed by a lower court, but the VA Supreme Court said that all of these facts meant the case should be heard by a jury. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. [KABA]

Alabama Considers “Stand Your Ground”

Deadly force bill goes on House firing line. Oh the Left in Alabama have their panties in a bunch, worried that a “Stand Your Ground” law will make AL look like a bunch of Red Necks. (No Alabama jokes please!) Actually this is more like Castle Doctrine than Stand your ground, since only homes and vehicles seem to be included.

Black legislatures claim
the bill would allow people to shoot people who accidentally walk into their yards or who come to the door because their car has broken down.
Of course that is not true. You have to have a reasonable fear for your life or safety. Someone coming to your door does not pass that test. But then when have those on the Left kept to the truth to get what they want. [via NRA-ILA]

A Washington DC Official That Favors Self-defense?

Pleading self-defense Of course she lost her appointment.... doesn't tow the party line in DC on gun control.

Describing all the murders that have taken place in her neighborhood since DC outlawed guns, Sandra Seegars asks,
How dare they have a gun when it's against the law?
She says cabbies should be allowed to defend themselves - that they should be armed, and that the people of DC should also be able to defend themselves.

She was not reappointed to the taxicab commission. [Hat tip NRA-ILA]

Betamax All Over Again

Next-Gen DVDs' Blurry Picture OK, the High Definition DVD fiasco is even worse than I thought.

Not only are there 2 competing, non-compatible standards, they won't even play on most of today's High Def TVs anyway.

First, the 2 standards mean that you will not be able to watch the movies you want unless you buy both versions. Remember that during the Betamax war, Sony was not a movie studio, so movies were (for a while at least) issued on both formats - Beta and VHS. Do you really think Sony's competitors are going to do Sony any favors and issue movies on Sony's format? Not unless that format is THE standard - and it isn't.

Then we get this gem.
New software included on both Blu-ray and HD-DVD releases, however, will automatically slash the image, making it only marginally better than current DVDs, unless consumers have a relatively new connector and cable called HDMI to hook up players to their televisions. Only one in 20 HD sets sold to early adopters over the past few years has the right version of the connector. Only 15% of new sets sold this year will include it, and deliver the full 1080 resolution capable of showing such detail.
So why bother? Spend all that money on HDTV, and you still won't be able to watch movies in High Def unless - by chance - you bought one the right sets. How many people even knew this was a selection criteria?

Stay away. Don't waste your money trying to predict the future. Wait until a true standard emerges. Then spend your money.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Armed Self-defense Stops Armed Home Invasion - News - Police: Home Invasion Shootout Leaves Intruder Dead [Update: It seems that the article in question has changed... to no longer identify the dead guy as "victim." Way to go, Denver Channel!] We have another news organization that cannot tell the victims from the criminals, but leaving that aside, we have a story of a man defending himself and his son from an attack by his mothers ex (apparently).
the homeowner saw [the dead guy] trying to break into the front door with the butt end of a rifle. The homeowner grabbed a .410 shotgun and shot the intruder in the chest as he entered the home, but the shot did not stop him, police said.

The homeowner and his son ran into a back bedroom where the homeowner grabbed a 30-06 rifle and started loading it. Police said the intruder fired two rounds from a 30.30 rifle through the closed bedroom door. He then began to break down the door and was shot in the hip by the homeowner.
He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The story only says that the dead guy was involved with in a domestic violence case with the homeowner's mother. Sweet, so to get back at her he goes after her son and grandson. I won't cry any tears over this guy.

No charges will be filed against the homeowner for defending himself and his son. [Thanks to a comment by BobG]

I Bet That Hurts

ONN. Ohio News Now: Girl Uses Hammer To Escape He forced her into the car, she began searching - she said for a dropped ring. She came up with hammer and hit him in the groin.
Police said the girl told them she remembered a lesson from school to always search for a weapon in that kind of situation.
Feel free to leave all of the off-color jokes that you like in the comments. [Hat tip BobG]

Why Stories of Self-defense Are Important

LibertyI spend a great deal of time writing about people that defend themselves from home invaders, robbers, etc. I spend even more time combing through news stories for the articles that interest me. Why?

One of the more stupid things that the Left loves to say is, "If it saves just one life..." Apparently anything is permissible to the left if it saves just one life. Any violation of rights or privacy is OK if it saves just one life. (don't get started on Roe versus Wade please! No one ever said their positions were logical.)

But these stories, and the real statistics behind gun ownership and self-defense, remind us that guns save lives all the time. And I can literally find these stories on a daily or at least semi-weekly basis.

Most of the victims in these stories (and remember, if you attack me, and I kill you in self-defense, you are not the victim) would be dead or seriously wounded were it not for their ability to defend themselves. Some of the victims do end up injured, but in many cases they are injured protecting their families.

Private ownership of firearms saves lives everyday. Why then does the left not apply the "If it saves one life" rule to this and leave private ownership of firearms alone? Because gun control is not, and has never been, about crime control. In this country gun control was mostly about keeping guns out of the hands of blacks. In the UK, gun control was about keeping guns out of the hands of Communists and labor unions in the early 1900s. Gun control has always been about controlling the masses, maintaining the status quo and about maintaining (and enhancing) the government's monopoly on power. Gun control is about reducing the power of the individual.

Self-defense stories remind us that the individual still has some control over his destiny. Plans will fail sometimes, and preparations will be inadequate in the face of overwhelming odds, we are only human after all, and yet every day in this country people make choices that enable them to stand up to and to defeat violent attacks. These stories remind us that the individual does have the power to control the world.

Here are the list of self-defense stories I found interesting in March of this year.

Home Invaders Killed by Homeowner

Kansas City Star | 03/27/2006 | Home invasion leads to deaths. 2 men kicked in the front door of a home, and breifly exchanged gunfire with the homeowner.

Officers arriving on the scene found 2 men dead in a truck nearby. The truck had crashed into a tree. It wasn't clear if they died from the crash or their gunshot wounds. [h/t Civilian Gun Defense Blog]

Georgia Passes “Stand Your Ground”

Deadly force bill gets final legislative approval | The state assembly passed the measure 115-42.
It passed the Senate last month by a 40-to-13 vote
Governor Sonny Perdue is expected to sign the measure into law. [KABA]

Homeowner Stabbed - Intruder Shot

KCBD - NewsChannel 11 / Lubbock, TX: Intruder Sent to Hospital After Home Owners Open Fire. He broke in apparently thinking no one was home. He stabbed the husband. Both husband and wife opened fire.
As of 11pm Saturday the intruder was in ICU at UMC under police guard.

Once he makes a recovery he will be handed over to Sheriff's custody and taken to the County Jail.
No word on the condition of the stabbing victim. [KABA]

Bird Flu Primer

Individ: Individ's Textbook on The Flu, Bird Flu, Influenza, The Grippe... Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Betamax Redux

You would think Sony would have learned from the last go-round... but no. So we are about to be hit with dueling DVD formats for HDTV.

Just Say No.

Whichever one you buy, you run the risk of owning the DVD eqivalent of the Sony Betamax... An expensive paperweight.

Wait until there is a unified standard, before you buy.

Telling "The Age" where to get off

A nice new-to-me blog tells Australia's The Age where to get off. Ninth Stage: Nutty Curmudgeon Within His Rights? Not happy that a man is charged with murder for shooting a kid who walked across his lawn, the Age thinks "[He] would have been within his constitutional rights to guard his lawn with an AK-47." Of course he wasn't within his rights which is why he is charged with murder. Just a dig at gun rights.

As Ninth Stage says
You’re not from here,
we don’t want you here,
stay away from here
and shut the hell up.

911 Response Times and Defending Yourself at Church

The Sun News | 03/08/2006 | 8 minutes span call, response I have been looking at 911 response times again after this post about Chattanooga got me interested again.

The case of the woman killed by her ex-boyfriend as she came out church - tell me again why people who go to church should not be able to carry defensive weapons? - caught my attention. Of course people called 911.

The "big controversy" is that it took 8 minutes for police to respond. This is actually better than the 13 minute response time average for the county - there were no Atlantic Beach police on duty that night. Atlantic Beach has five officers, but one is on workers compensation leave; they often rely on the county to supply officers.

While the people hiding in the church were certainly scared since the ex-boyfriend was still outside, the crime had been committed before the first call to 911. If the police got there 30 seconds after the first call this woman would still be dead. She was shot in the head.

Even the NAACP is getting into the act.
"Human life is human life, and there were some things that should have been handled better," [president of the Myrtle Beach branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Mickey James] said. "We want to keep our eyes on all agencies to make sure they are protecting their citizens."
I won't say he is disappointed that the response time was better than average. He just wants to make it appear that "agencies" can protect "their citizens." I'm sorry, but I am NOT the citizen of any agency. But then I am not a left-wing statist that wants the government to control everything.

The truth is that in the instant this woman met her ex-boyfriend outside of the church, the only thing that would have saved her is the ability to do unto him, before he did unto her. There is no guarantee that had she been armed, she would have survived. There are no guarantees in this life. But no 911 call is going to get a police car there faster than bullet can travel across a parking lot.

8 minutes is a long time to wait in an emergency. 13 minutes is even longer and that is only the average response time. Some people are no doubt waiting 20 minutes. A lot of very bad things can happen in 8, or 13 or 20 minutes. A lot very bad things can happen in a few seconds. Expecting 911 to rescue you is naive. Making churches disarmed-victim-zones does not make people safer.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Why would the husband of rape victim not want her to be able to protect herself?

Hell In A Handbasket: A Day in the Life Not all guys are jerks, but the ones that are, are REALLY jerks in a big way.
She had survived the worst moment of her life, something that had been more horrible and terrifying than she had ever imagined, and she wanted to make sure that it never happened again. A grim look stole into her eyes as she dry fired the Magnum, and I knew that it would be the last thing the next rapist saw. Right then, for that brief and fragile moment, it was a good day to be alive.

Then her husband came home. It all went downhill from there.
She should leave this guy because he has no respect for her, no respect for her need to no longer feel helpless, no respect for her ability to handle a firearm, no respect for her ability to judge a defensive situation and react accordingly.

The best way to avoid rape is to fight back if you find yourself in that situation. But if you are to fight back, you need to prepare a little. Mentally, and physically. The most effective means of fighting back in my opinion is to use firearms. This woman was denied that means because someone who claims to love her, feels he knows better what is good for her. He drank the "guns are bad koolaid" and would rather see her raped a second time, would rather see her afraid of every shawdow, than to have her be able to defend herself with fast-moving lead. [Alphecca]

Why Aren't We Teaching Safety To Kids?

Armed Females of America: Suicide by Stupidity!
A 17 year old high school junior hanging with his friends in rural Quarryville, PA was playing with a friend’s handgun, removed the magazine, put the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger. Really funny, huh? Without even reading the rest of the story you know the ending.
People who are not given the mere basics of safety training will continue to act in negligent ways.

Anyone who has had 10 minutes worth of safety instruction with a semi-automatic handgun would know that dropping the magazine, does not unload the weapon. There is of course one cartridge left in the chamber.
I am going to lay the blame for this one, and all the others like it, at the feet of the anti-gun movement. They are creating a whole generation of ignorant people that don’t know how safely handle a firearm if they come in contact with one. And at some time they will.

Groups like the Million Moms and the Brady Campaign are guilty of negligence by not encouraging firearm safety instead of ignorance…”after all if it saves one child!” I blame these groups for every kid and even adults who has ever committed “suicide” by stupidity.
If your kids are small find an Eddie the Eagle safety class. If your kids are not so small, either teach them gun safety or take them to a class where they will learn gun safety. There are states that permit 8 and 10 year-olds to hunt in the presence of a parent. Kids can learn to safely handle firearms at a young age.

There are 4 simple rules for gun safety, which had this kid known them, he would probably be alive today.

The Truth Hurts

Telegraph | News | Chirac walks out of speech in English. Can't face the facts.
President Jacques Chirac of France stormed out of a European Union summit last night after a French employers' leader said that English was "the language of European business".
The French are having trouble accepting the fact that English is the lingua franca of the modern age. Reality bites.
[Hat tip to Right Side of the Rainbow]

History Repeats Itself

or, Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0 | Houston man kills suspected home invader The resident wrestled a gun away from one of five intruders, and shot and killed him.
The incident is the second home invasion within the last week in which a resident has killed a would-be robber.
One of the other 4 may have been wounded.

These five claimed to be with the FBI.
It is not uncommon in the Houston area for robbery suspects to impersonate law enforcement officers, [Houston Homicide Sgt. Mike Peters] said. "Undoubtedly, we will find some other deals from other robberies, once we start working on it," Peters said.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Call 911 and expect to be saved? Not in Chattanooga

justiceThat is the advice that the Left gives so much, but the truth is, calling 911 is a bit like a crap shoot. Consider this story: Records show thousands of 911 calls in Chattanooga, Tenn., go unanswered. If you are betting your life on your ability to get help from 911, you may be making a bad bet.
During one 10-month period, from January to October 2005, about 27,000 calls to city dispatchers at the 911 center went unanswered, police spokesman Tetzell Tillery said. Last month 20 percent — about 2,000 — of more than 10,650 calls placed were not answered, he said.
So they answer 80% of calls. If the brakes on your car only worked 80% of the time, how would you feel about driving around during rush hour? Yet the Left will insist that we don't need to be able to defend ourselves, we only need to call 911.

And though this story is focused on Chattanooga, do not think for an instant that this is a problem limited to Tennessee. There are numerous stories of the failure of 911 calls, and the delays, and hang-ups, and the outright refusal to send help. Even when the 911 system works perfectly, the police are many minutes away. And this assumes that you can call 911 BEFORE the crime occurs.

Dialing 911 and hoping for help to arrive is a gamble, and it is not one that I wish to bet my safety on. There are no guarantees in this life of course, and my plans for self-defense do not make me invincible. But I believe my chances are better than if I just blindly hoped to be rescued. [KABA]

[Picture from Oleg Volk and A Human Right]

Boycott Mission Impossible 3

`South Park` fans urge `Mission` boycott. Get Viacom to rerun the South Park dig at Mr. Cruise.

Actually I don't believe that this movie will be worth it anyway. The first one was bad. The 2nd was not-quite-as-bad. Go see V for Vendetta instead. [Via Tammy]

A Carnival in Two Parts

Since this is the 52nd Carnival of Cordite, Gullyborg decided that a look back on the first year was in order. But this made for a long carnival, so it is in 2 parts this week.

The first part is a look back on the entire year, with highlights and photos from the carnivals. Resistance is futile!: Carnival of Cordite #52 (part one)

The second part is the collected stories and photos from this week. Resistance is futile!: Carnival of Cordite #52 (part two)

Both are worth a look.

You are sure to find something for everyone (except perhaps gun-fearing weenies)!

All Female Air Force Refueling Tanker Crew in Afghanistan

air crew
Molokai Island Times The changes in the military move forward. Note that it doesn't say this was the 1st all-female crew, just the first such crew to fly over Afghanistan out of Ganci Air Base in Kyrgyzstan. Still pretty cool.[Click the image for a better view]
The 376th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron, flew an ALL FEMALE KC-135 Stratotanker air refueling mission over Afghanistan on Jan. 31. Early on Jan. 31, a KC-135 Stratotanker took off from Ganci Air Base, Kyrgyzstan, carrying more than 180,000 pounds of fuel and an all-female crew-both pilots, a navigator and a boom operator. The event marked the first all-female crew to fly an air refueling mission into Afghanistan from Ganci. Capt. Heather, and the boom operator, Senior Airman Lyndi, are all assigned to the 99th Air Refueling Squadron at Robins Air Force Base, Ga. They have been deployed here since Dec. 9
[Hat tip Tammy Bruce]

Tam Smacks-down ABC News

View From The Porch: Boomsticks: "Oh my God! The chicks are packing heat!" There was an ABC news story a few days ago (on Good Morning America, I believe) that completely pissed me off. It was insulting, biased, and full of factual errors. I could only come up with a short rant at the time, but Tam takes them apart.
Appropos of nothing, we get introduced to the good Ms. Froman via an out-of-context quote chock full of "passion" and "emotions". You know, the ol' subliminal "Oh, jeeze, they're so emotional. If they have a gun, they might blow me away during that time of the month." I don't think you need to be worried about that, sport. We're no more likely to shoot you at "that time" than we are to run you over or shiv you with that nice JA Henckel chef's knife you got us last Christmas. (No matter what time of the month it is, though, I'd recommend kevlaring up before swilling the milk from the jug. We have glasses for a reason, honey.)
And I love her take on the "facts" spouted by the Brady Bunch. As they say, go read the whole thing.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Delaware Takes Another Step Toward “Shall Issue”

The News Journal - Panel OKs easing concealed gun rules. Police are opposed to allowing citizens to defend themselves without coming up with a "compelling reason." What better reason than the fact that we live in a violent society, and the police cannot protect us 24 hours a day, and cannot be held accountable when they don't protect us?

But this was not good enough for the police in Delaware.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much show of support today.
"We are not interested in seeing the wild, wild West take place," said Thompson, who has a concealed-carry permit.

"We just don't think that unelected bureaucrats and people in the Attorney General's Office should be making the decision about whether I can protect myself," Thompson said.
The police in Delaware need to look at the results of “Shall Issue” in other states. It has not resulted in Wild West Shoot Outs. The predictions of the Brady's have never come true. [Via NRA-ILA]

Kansas Legislature Overrides Concealed Carry Veto

Kansas lawmakers override veto on concealed guns. Welcome the age of self-defense, Kansas.
The Republican-controlled state House of Representatives voted 91 to 33 to enact the law, which Sebelius, a Democrat, said would make Kansas businesses less safe and hinder crime-prevention efforts. She said he had issued her veto at the urging of law enforcement.

The state Senate, also under Republican control, earlier voted 30-10 to override the veto.
No facts to back up that statement of the governor of course. Just lefty, anti-gun invective.
The law allows Kansas residents over 21 years old to carry hidden guns into a variety of public places, although concealed weapons would be banned in schools, bars, courtrooms, churches and some other locations. To receive a permit, gun owners would have to pass a background check and receive weapons training.
The Chruches exemption is one I hate. Women (people generally) being stalked, by an abusive ex-spouse or whatever, need to be able to defend themselves whenever they are on a known schedule at a known location. To-and-from work, to-and-from religious services, picking-up and dropping-off kids at school or day care.

Congratluations to all the good folks in Kansas.

Well, Hawaii does recognize self-defense | Man justified in fatal stabbing of intruder. At least some of the time. (Though they are opposed to the Castle Doctrine law recently introduced in the Hawaii legislature.)

In this case it was clearly self-defense. That didn't stop the police from making his life miserable.
Even though it appeared that the resident was defending himself, police arrested him Sunday, saying they were obligated to investigate since lethal force was involved. The man, who was arrested for suspicion of second-degree murder, spent a night in jail and was released Monday pending further investigation.
In many states, if it is clearly self-defense, people are not arrested. Though back when I was a firearms instructor we used to tell people that they would likely be arrested if they defended themselves.

In most jurisdictions, you are not going to find the police on your side right away. And there are plenty of DAs who will try to prosecute self-defense because they object to the idea of "the little people" having that much autonomy. (Why do you think the NRA is pressing Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground Laws in some 20 states? Because they are needed to get the law back on the side of the law-abiding.)

But at least Hawaii came to its senses in this case, and recognized the right of the individual to defend themselves.

Indiana Backs “Stand Your Ground”

AP Wire | 03/22/2006 | Governor signs law endorsing Hoosiers' right to use deadly force. The law prevents the courts from construing - as they have done in other states - that people have a duty to flee before they are empowered to defend themselves.

The Brady Bunch have - as is usual - got their knickers in a twist. Most of us see it differently
"Law-abiding citizens should not be forced to retreat when they're being attacked by criminals whether it's inside their home or outside their home," said Chris W. Cox, NRA chief lobbyist.
The governor's office said it, "makes the law clear that men and women are entitled to defend themselves."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

V for Vendetta

V "People shouldn't be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people."

* Updated *
Anybody who supports the Second Amendment should enjoy that tag line, even if you don't enjoy the movie. (And I think you will enjoy the movie.)

Set in a totalitarian British state of the not-to-distant-future, where people disappear for the crime of being different - whether gay or any faith but Christian. Where the government is rule of thugs, one man stands up against the system, and one woman decides to stand up as well. The truly disturbing thing about this story is that the description of the rise of a dictatorship in Britain - or any western power - is all too believable.
Remember, remember, the 5th of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot;
I know of no reason, why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Rebellion of 1605 is better known in England than in the US, but you will learn a little about it if you see the movie. [Click on the image above for a better view of V in the Guy Fawkes mask.]

This movie is also the Wachowshi brothers back in the form that gave us the original Matrix (not the 2 horrible sequels), or Bound. Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith from The Matrix, Elrond from Lord of the Rings) and Natalie Portman (Star Wars, Mars Attacks) staring with Stephen Rea (The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire), and John Hurt (A Man for All Seasons, Contact, Hellboy) supporting aren't bad either. Enough action for an action movie, and enough of a real message for those of us who like to think.

One of the very interesting things is that right in the middle of an action movie - that could have easily been a summer action movie - studios NEVER know what they have - there is a tender description in a letter of lesbian love, and a description of how the couple were killed for the horrible crime of being different. [The letter in the link has a few minor differences from the version in the movie, but it is wonderful.]

Update March 25, 2006: There has been much written about how this movie is little more than an attack on Bush and Blair. But the idea of a religious dictatorship in a western power is not a new idea. I direct your attention to A Handmaid's Tale, written by Margaret Attwood in 1985, and turned into a movie in 1990 starring Natasha Richardson. I found A Handmaid's Tale very disturbing at the time. This story is not a new idea.

The idea that V is a Leftist is also laughable. V is a vigilante engaged in vendetta. He is pursuing both private vengeance and punishing those he deems criminal, even if he has no personal grudge against them. Most Leftists I know are a "turn the other cheek," "violence of any kind is bad" type of people. The idea that a Leftist would do what V does is laughable.

Tam celebrates the joy of being a carnivore

View From The Porch: Why did nobody tell me? Apparently I missed an opportunity to stick it to all the vegans in the world.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Things I Will Never Understand

Mom's friend kills son, police say A woman came home and
found the body of her 34-year-old ex-boyfriend, who had hanged himself on the patio.

Breaking into the home through a window, she found her 17-year-old son dead in his bedroom, the victim of blunt-force trauma to the body, inflicted with a hammer
He killed a 17-year-old kid because she broke up with him? Bludgeoned him with a hammer, and then hung himself. Lovely

Marion Star - Police: Man killed teen for walking across yard Were the kids harrassing this old man?
A 66-year-old man told police he shot and killed his 15-year-old neighbor because the boy walked across his lawn.
Even if the kids were giving him a hard time, this is no way to solve a problem. -- Ex-boyfriend gets life prison term in woman's slaying Another man who can't accept a break-up
After the breakup, Cain began making harassing phone calls to Phillips up to 50 times a day. He vandalized her car, flattened her tires and showed up uninvited at family functions. Cain also fired ball bearings at her house with a slingshot, breaking a window.
Did he think this would win her back? He ended up killing her.

House arrest for kidnapping and assualt

A history of kidnapping and assualt wasn't enough to keep this guy in jail. And even his house arrest included time he could be away from home.

At least they caught the guy: AP Wire | 03/21/2006 | Estranged husband arrested in wife's death. But that is too late to really do any good.

Canada Still Doesn't Believe in Self-defense

Hamilton Spectator - Domestic murders can be prevented, police say I think this sums up the Canadian position nicely.
There are seven Hamilton women at risk right now of being killed by their partner.

Each one has an alarm system installed in her home that is directly connected to the police. If her husband or boyfriend shows up, she pushes a button and the cops respond to her alarm as a Priority 1 call.

This is the final defence against domestic homicide.
And if the police don't get there before the guy kicks in the door and stabs her, well that is just life I guess.

All of this is good. But people who are in this state - of having a direct line to the police without having to bother about 911 - need a bit more than a panic button. A 12 gauge or a large caliber revolver would be good, together with a couple of hours of instruction.

Canadians have drunk the "just call for help" koolaid. What are women who are many minutes from that "priority 1" police response supposed to do? No one in Canada thinks they should defend themselves. At least no one in government or the media thinks that. If they are far enough away from police that the response is 10 or more minutes, there is at least a fair chance the woman will die.

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0 Off-duty guard fatally shoots man. One goblin is dead, and two more are in police custody after they tried to rob an off-duty security guard.
The guard told police that one of the men walked toward him with a pistol pointed at him. He said he feared for his life, pulled his own pistol and fired at the man.
No charges have been filed against the intended victim of these goblins. [KABA]

Monday, March 20, 2006

Pirates Take on US Navy, and Lose

Cruiser Fires on Pirate Vessel. I missed this story yesterday, and heard about on a radio talk show while having lunch today.

It appears that the US Navy and several other navies are operating off the coast of Somalia in order to reduce pirate attacks.

The two US ships attached to the international task force are the USS Cape St. George (CG 71), a guided-missile cruiser, and the USS Gonzalez (DDG 66), a guided-missile destroyer.
As Gonzalez’s boarding teams prepared to conduct a routine boarding of the suspect vessel, the two Norfolk, Va.-based Navy ships noticed the group of suspected pirates were brandishing what appeared to be rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launchers.

The suspected pirates then opened fire on the Navy ships. Cape St. George and Gonzalez returned fire with small arms in self-defense.
One pirate is dead, 5 were injured. A total of 12 are in custody. No US service personnel were injured.

Of course as reports, the Somali Militiamen Deny Shooting First. Naturally they were minding their own business. Of course they weren't pirates. They were
had been patrolling Somali waters to stop illegal fishing.
Right. The fact that the coast of Somalia is one of the worst places in the world for piracy today, is just coincidence. And they are much more believable than the US Navy. Right.

Just so you know what type of people we are dealing with, the militia these men are a part of issued the followng statement:
Geraad Mohamud, from the same militia group, said they would kill any hostage they capture and would attack any ship unlawfully plying Somali waters unless their men were released.
They will kill hostages, but they didn't open fire first. They will open fire on anyone they please, but they didn't open fire first. Right.

Marinon Hammer Explains Individual Rights

LibertyTCPalm: Time to stand up for individual rights Do you give up your rights when you take a job? Does every employer automatically get the right to search your vehicle for anything they want to? Can they block you from carrying union literature? Can they declare no bibles allowed?
Florida citizens have the constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self-protection, and Florida law specifically guarantees the right to transport and carry firearms in private vehicles for lawful purposes. Those rights are well established in law and in public policy.

Yet some corporate giants are violating those individual rights, claiming a constitutional right to control business property, when no such blanket right exists. Corporate lobbyists have even claimed businesses have the right to ban any personal property inside private vehicles from "guns" to "Bibles" to "bananas." That is nonsense.
It is time to stand up for rights of the individual. [via NRA-ILA]

Guns: The Best Health Insurance

Legally Owned Guns Do Far More Good than Harm. What a great article! And by an MD no less.

First William Campbell Douglass slices into that old "statistic" (gun-controllers lie really) about a gun in the home being likely to hurt a family member than a goblin.
The real statistics firmly cement the fact that legally owned and carried guns do far, far more good than harm.
Then when you really look at the difference between states that do allow concealed carry and those that don't... you find that the states that don't allow legal concealed carry have a bit of a problem.
  • There are 89% more violent crimes than in states that allow "concealed carry" (that's gun-speak for being legal to carry a hidden firearm on your person)
  • There are 127% more murders than in states that allow concealed carry
  • There are 25% more rapes than in states that allow concealed carry
  • There are 96% more aggravated assaults than in states that allow concealed carry
  • There are 106% more robberies than in states that allow concealed carry.
[Via John Lott]

William Burroughs Conducts the Best of Me Symphony

The Owner's Manual: #121 Best of Me SymphonyBOMS is a collection of posts over 60 days old. As such, politics do not seem to dominate the posts.
The dogma of science is that the will cannot possibly affect external forces, and I think that's just ridiculous. It's as bad as the church.

ABC News Shows Its Bias Against Guns

ABC News: Women Getting Trigger Happy Start with an insulting title, add in some pejorative statements about "the gun industry," add in some propaganda from the Brady Bunch and you get ABC's latest "News Story" about women and guns.

Still the quotes from NRA president Sandra Froman are good, as is the quote from a woman they interviewed at a gun range.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Man Shot as He Defends His Family | Houston homeowner shot as he shoots, kills intruder Four men broke into his home. He was shot 2 or 3 times, and then managed to take the gun away from the goblin. He shot and killed that one, the other three fled.

UPDATE: the 4 goblins were from Honduras, and apparently were interested in robbery. The homeowners wife and 5 children were home at the time and police are amazed that no one else was injured.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Where does 9 years equal 20 years?

JusticeIn the criminal justice system of course! - U.S. & World News - Dungeon Rape Suspect Captured in South Carolina Where "life" can be as little as 8 years, 20 years did not add up to 20 years.
Hinson, who was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl in 1991, served 9 years of a twenty year sentence. Just before his release from prison in 2000 Hinson was recommended for the state's sexually violent predator program, but was rejected during the screening process, the state attorney general's office said.

"We thought then that the judge made a mistake," state Attorney General Henry McMaster said. "This man was sentenced to 20 years. Had that 20 years meant 20 years, he'd still be in jail now, and this wouldn't have happened," he told FOXNews.
Why do we bother to have people sentenced to 20 years? Why don't just make it 9 years to begin with? Why not make 9 years = 9 years? (or 20 = 20?) So much for truth in government. [via Romeocat]

Canadians Focusing on the Wrong Guns

red ensignHamilton Spectator - Why isn't anything being done? A long and tragic tale of repeated violence escalating to murder. Arrests followed - every time - by release. The police claiming their hands were tied.

The whole focus of the article is "why aren't the police doing more?" And this may be a valid question. Probably the police could do more. But the police will never be on every street corner where violent crime can erupt. They will never be able to guard every domestic violence victim 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. They will never provide a 100% effective deterrent to crime.

Individuals could do more as well. Individuals could take some action to defend themselves. We already do many things: we buy smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, we lock our doors, and we keep first aid kits handy. But when it comes to violent crime, we do far too little.

This does not mean I am blaming the victims. The criminals are in each case the ones responsible for their act. But as responsible adults we do many things to impact our safety. We lock our doors at night, even though they are not 100% effective at keeping bad guys out. We wear seatbelts while driving even though they are not 100% effective at keeping us safe in a car crash. We could take other measures for safety. No measure we take - whether carrying arms or learning martial arts - will ever be 100% effective. We are only human after all. But most people could do more.

My choice is to own firearms. Canadians still have that option, but it seems few use it. The article bemoans the lack of government action, and certainly more needs to be done. But not one mention of self-defense.

If you were being continually stalked by an ex, whose behavior reflected escalating violence, what would you do? Me? I would sleep with a .357 magnum under my pillow. Oh wait, I do that already. (Well, not under the pillow - it is too lumpy.) If I was dealing with someone who continually violates a restraining order, someone who continually doles out violence, and if that someone broke into my home, I would reasonably be able to assume I faced an imminent threat of death or grave bodily injury, and would blow the sucker into the next life. That is, I would legally exercise my right of self-defense.

More on New Orleans Gun Confiscations.

Several comments on the New Orleans Gun Confiscations:
"What happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina was an outrage," [Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation] observed. "Equally disturbing is the fact that it apparently took a motion for contempt to force the city to admit what it had been denying for the past five months."
New Orleans was the first city in American history to disarm peaceable American citizens door to door at gunpoint, says NRA Chief Executive Wayne LaPierre, and it must be the last.
After months of denial, NOLA officials finally admitted that yes indeed they had confiscated guns from law-abiding citizens who were not do anything wrong.

Friday, March 17, 2006

New Orleans Admits the Truth

New Orleans Now Admits It Seized Firearms From Citizens -- 03/16/2006. After weeks and months of denying it siezed guns, they now admit the truth. 1000s of weapons were confiscated from law-abiding citizens because the police wanted to. No legal or moral justification was provided. Simply jack-booted thugery. [hat tip Alphecca]

Thursday, March 16, 2006

What I'm Reading

I love stories that have women who are hard as nails; women who take names and kick ass.

The series by James H. Cobb, about Commander Amanda Garret, USN fills the bill. Commander Garret is captain of a not-too-distant future guided missle destroyer, the Cunningham. (Actually the new destroyers are probably more technically advanced than Cobb described in the late 90s.)

The first story is Choosers of the Slain!, takes its title from the last paragraph of a poem by Kipling, "The Destroyers"
The strength of twice three thousand horse
That serve the one command;
The hand that heaves the headlong force,
The hate that backs the hand:
The doom-bolt in the darkness freed,
The mine that splits the main;
The white-hot wake, the 'wildering speed--
The Choosers of the Slain!
Which is also a reference to the Valkyries - the Norse spirits that choose the slain from battle fields in the form of beautiful young women on flying horses.

The next story is Sea Strike, which finds Amanda Garret and the Cunningham in Asia fighting a future confict there.

Sea Fighter finds Captain Garret in Africa, no longer in command of the Cunningham, but the TACBOSS of littoral (coastal) conflict in Africa. This lets Cobb add some Marines into the story mix.

There seems to be a fourth story, but the name escapes me right now, but I will get to it.

Not great literature, but fun. Seems like these would make great movies, if Hollywood ever made movies favorable to the military any more.

Cartoon Redux

Hey, all the cartoons are gone from the blogs....

Danish Muhammed CartoonDanish Muhammed CartoonDanish Muhammed Cartoon

Danish Muhammed CartoonDanish Muhammed CartoonDanish Muhammed Cartoon

Danish Muhammed CartoonDanish Muhammed CartoonDanish Muhammed Cartoon

Danish Muhammed CartoonDanish Muhammed CartoonDanish Muhammed Cartoon
[Technorati Tag: ]

And if that isn't enough, try this.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Looks Like Delaware Will Join the "Shall Issue" States

The News Journal - Bill relaxes concealed gun permits. Currently you must demonstrate "a compelling need." Self-defense, even if you are an abused spouse with a restraining order in place is usually not enough "need."
Legislation to make it easier for law-abiding Delawareans to obtain permits to carry concealed handguns was introduced Tuesday in the state House -- with enough sponsors to guarantee its passage in both chambers.
In most "May Issue" states, women and minorities frequently have trouble demonstrating the "need" to defend themselves in front of old, white sheriffs or judges - who usually have final say.

Doctors Counseling on Gun Ownership

OK if you have a doc that wants to pester you about gun ownership, then here is a form you might want to have them fill out.
Firearms Malpractice Form (Warning! This is a PDF)

It basically asks them to certify that they have credentials to be counselling you about firearms, that their insurance carrier will support them should their advice be wrong, etc. Or that if their insurance won't cover them, their "personal assets" will.

Pregnant Mother Kills Intruder

NBC 17 - News - Pregnant Mother Shoots, Kills Intruder. Crystal Strickland, a 23-year-old pregnant woman, was forced to defend herself when an unidentified man broke into her home.

She warned him she was armed, but he said he was armed as well and broke in.
When the man broke into the home, he and Strickland exchanged gunfire, authorities said. The man later died from his wound.
What else should she have done, gun grabbers? She was pregnant - though they don't say how far along - with 2 small children. Odds on whether she could have run away. [via KABA]

21 States Consider 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

Several States Consider 'Stand Your Ground' Bills. At least 6 are expected to pass such laws.
The legislation is most likely to pass in Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi and Arizona.
There is the usual complaints from the Brady Bunch, but the fact is this law - which shields me both from prosecution AND from civil liability (which is the more important aspect - more in a second) should I shoot someone in self-defense.

It is not a permit to do what I want. The usual restrictions on self-defense apply.... I must face a reasonable threat....

Why do I say the civil immunity is more important? Because there are several instances of people legally defending themselves, who are later sued in court and forced to pay huge sums to their attackers (or their attackers heirs). To be forced to pay when I did not break the law strikes me as the very opposite of justice. [via NRA-ILA]

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The UK and Gun Control

A policy that backfired - Times Online. By outlawing guns, the UK has become one big disarmed victim zone.
The handgun ban introduced after Dunblane has silenced gun clubs and forced Britain’s Olympic shooters to practise overseas, but it certainly hasn’t prevented the criminal classes from arming themselves like never before.
In 1996 7,753 gun crimes were committed in England and Wales. In the 2003/2004 reporting year, that figured had climbed to 24,094 gun crimes. That is a 211% increase in gun crime, after the law-abiding were disarmed. Murders committed with guns rose from 49 to 68 over the same period.

The gun banners liked to say in 1996 that the US has lots of guns and lots of crime when justifying the restrictions.
Conveniently, campaigners did not draw attention to Norway and Switzerland, which combine some of the highest rates of gun-owner- ship with the lowest crime rates.
But why let facts get in the way of setting public policy?
[T]he evidence now points me to an obvious conclusion: that an outright ban on handguns was a pathetic gesture that has disrupted peaceful sports but done absolutely nothing to make any of us safer.
Not bad for the London Times.

We now return to our regularly scheduled ... whatever

OK, the boat didn't sink. That's the good news. [No that isn't exactly my boat, it is one of the marketing photos from when the boat was new. So it is the same type of boat.]

It seems crazy but as soon as you create a hull that will keep the water out, you cut holes in it to let the water in. Mine has 7 (if some of you heard me say 6, well I mis-counted.) 3 let water in (engine cooling, air conditioning, etc.), 3 let water out (2 of which cannot be used within 3 miles of the US shore), and one is for the propeller drive shaft. Well the propeller drive shaft is a special case, and comes with what is called a stuffing box or packing gland. Well this was leaking.

And the bilge pump decided to begin acting strange at the same time. (The automatic portion was no longer reliable.)

These two things together - water coming in and not being pumped out - spell disaster for a boat. The stuffing box is re-stuffed. (Thanks to the heroic efforts of my dear friend Tom S.) The bilge pump is rewired. All is well with the world... at least for today.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Due to technical difficulties....

that are beyond my control, but within my responsibility... well I will be attending to the demands of real life for a day or so.... Watch this space.

Florida tries to end the Parking Lot Bans

The Florida Senate is considering SB-206, which would protect possession of firearms in vehicles.

Big business likes to think that they are all powerful, but they have no right to tell me what legal items I can store in my vehicle.

Do my rights stop when I take a job? Could a business tell me I had to vote for a certain party? Can they tell me I can't belong to a certain religion? Can they restrict my right to freedom of speech? Why can they infringe on my right to defend myself?

I have always said that one of the groups that benefits most from being armed is women who are being stalked by abusive/murderous ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends. The 2004 FBI Uniform Crime Report indicates that 33 percent of all female murder victims are killed by husbands or boyfriends. These women need to be armed exactly when they are on a known schedule to-and-from known locations. To-and-from work is one of those times and places.

Shooting Sports: Cowboy Action Shooting

Cowboy action shooters in town. A nice article on the National Championships of the Single Action Shooting Society, and some of the people who are involved in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Manges to capture some of the sense of fun that the folks at SASS always seem to be having whenever I see them. Not a negative word in the whole piece.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Left Gets a Pass on Insults - Again

Steve Janke: Angry in the Great White North. If anyone on the right said this, they would be hung out to dry... But since Vonegut said it, "it must be genius." [via Small Dead Animals]

UN Takes No Action

Is this really news? UN powers take no immediate action on Iran's nuclear dispute. Just what Iran wants - nothing to happen. Useless Nitwits! [via Tammy Bruce]

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sandra Froman: President of the NRA

FromanSTANFORD Magazine: Top Gun It is refreshing to see this profile of Sandra Froman in a publication associated with a California University.

The profile of both Ms. Froman and the NRA is mostly positive. There are a few words from the Brady Bunch and a few from a University prof. who is mostly in the middle. But it is nice to see the NRA portrayed this way.

It covers how Ms. Froman got started as a gun owner.
She was 32, recently divorced and living alone in the Hollywood Hills north of Los Angeles. An attorney at one of L.A.’s most prestigious law firms, Loeb and Loeb, she had risen quickly to partner on the strength of her trial work. She was confident, successful and financially secure. But she wasn’t prepared for what happened that summer night in 1981.

She followed the sound to the front door, stood on tiptoe and peered through the peephole. A man was bent over the doorknob, trying to jimmy the lock with a screwdriver. Heart racing, Froman banged on the door with both fists, screaming for him to leave. The man paused, straightened up, stooped again, and casually went back to work.
She went out that week to buy a gun, and was steered by the gun shop into taking a safety course first.

It is well worth the read. [Thanks to the Geek with a .45]

First they were scared of black guns...

Now the Brady Bunch are scared of non-black guns. Colored Guns (This is a PDF. You have been warned!)

The ability to have a gun customized by having a high-tech, hard finish in various colors is not new, but the Brady's have just discovered it - or so it seems.

As LawDog says,
No, you syphilitic catamites with delusions of adequacy, the kinds of folks who use coloured guns to commit crimes aren't going to pony up $200 - $500 of dosh just to refinish their Glock. If, for some heretofor unknown reason, they want a pink Glock, they're going to shoplift a can of Krylon, or a jar of Testors model paint and do the job themselves in the garage.
One of the more "famous" of these custom jobs is the bARbie-15 (AR-15) shown above.

That work is done by Chameleon Weaponry. I like the "power tool" look below better myself. (Click the photo below for a look at some of their work.) [UPATE: For those who prefer DeWalt]

Update- It appears that Chameleon Weaponry is no more - or they've moved their web site any way.... Take a look at the offerings from Galt's Guns.

A Bad Day for Burglars

Belleville News-Democrat | One man wounded after two try to enter home
Madison Police Chief Thomas Voloski said two East St. Louis men drove to the home at 1619 Third Street at 11:19 p.m. Wednesday, kicked in a rear door, and one of the subjects fired four shots into the residence.

"The homeowner was able to return fire, hitting one of the subjects in the stomach," Voloski said.
The injured guy is in custody. The other mutant is on the run. - Homeowner Shot Intruder 3 Times.
The homeowner said he heard a man breaking into his house in the 6800 block of Sni-A-Bar Road. Police said the homeowner pulled out a .45-caliber pistol and shot the intruder three times -- once each in his arm, stomach and leg.
The injurries are not life-threatening.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Media Still Can't Tell the Criminals from the Victims

KGPE - CBS TV47 - Shooting victim arrested for assault The guy shot was no vicim. He was shot in self-defense.

This guy was arrested for "brandishing a weapon" and released the same night. They confirmed he is in some gang, but could not hold him.
Shortly after his release, [the mutant] went to a home near Poppy and Grove in Southwest Fresno where witnesses say he threatened the lives of three people.

That’s when he was reportedly shot five times in the chest.
The three people (he threatened) are a woman and her two teenage kids.

He is in critical condition. He will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and making terrorist threats. [via KABA]

Something New at the Cotillion

Cotillion Small LogoWell we are trying something new at the Cotillion.... The weekly Carnival was getting a bit out-of-hand before the holidays, and during the holidays it was a bit quiet, so now we are using the Cotillion's main site as a clearing house for our best work.

Be sure to stop by at the Cotillion and check out some of the best writing by conservative women bloggers around. (And some comedy too!)

Epidemic of Muslims Raping Women

Europe is awash in rapists.
The direct connection between the rapes and Islam is irrefutable, as Muslims are significantly overrepresented among convicted rapists and rape suspects. The Muslim perpetrators themselves boast that there crime is justified since their victims were, among other things, not properly veiled.
I'm sorry but I just don't get the multiculturalists' (or the feminists') silence on this. All cultures are not the same, not if they condone this kind of brutality.

And the connection is real. Islamic rapists in Australia claimed they were innocent, since the women they raped were not veiled. (At least one of them is serving 22 years. One can only hope he gets a little "pay-back" while in the Big House.)

And for those who still want to defend the "religion of peace," consider this:
In some parts of Pakistan, sexual assault – including gang rape – is officially sanctified as a legitimate form of enforcing the social value system.

One village council recently ordered that five young girls should be “abducted, raped or murdered” for refusing to be treated as chattel. The girls were aged between six and thirteen when they were married without their knowledge, to pay a family debt.
I won't say what I think should happen to that village council.

I don't want this to be an indictment of all Muslims. There are organizations of Muslims working to improve the situation for women. Of course the MSM does not report on their activities much. The old "If it bleeds it leads" idea, and these organizations don't cause that kind of news. (Unless of course their members are being killed by the fascists.)

But the fascist side of Islam is the enemy of every woman who wants the freedom we enjoy in the West. [Cross posted at The Cotillion]

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gunfighting Rules

This is from some time ago.... but I still like it!

Argghhh! Gunfight Rulez. Just a few of my favorites, but it is worth looking at them all. Most apply to any self-defense situation you may encounter.
USMC Rules For Gunfighting During War

1. Bring a gun. Preferably, bring at least two guns. Bring all of your friends who have guns.
12. Have a plan.

13. Have a back-up plan, because the first one won't work.
16. Don't drop your guard.

17. Always tactical load and threat scan 360 degrees.
21. Be polite. Be professional. But have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
Rule 24 is the old saw about handguns that are smaller than .45 caliber (or rather always use a gun that has a caliber starting with .4). For the military - limited to FMJ (that's Full Metal Jacket for you non-gunnies) by the Hague Accords of 1899 and 1907 - this rule probably makes sense. For those of us who can use semi-jacketed hollow-points, somewhat smaller calibers can be very effective. [h/t Alphecca]

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Justice Dragging Its Feet

Officer in taped shooting to face charge | If you shot someone for no apparent reason, and you were video-taped doing so, don't you think it should take less than a month to be brought up on charges.

The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but they are finally starting to grind up Deputy Ivory Webb, who shot Senior Airman, Elio Carrion, on leave from Iraq on January 29. Carrion was shot in the chest, legs and shoulders.
Filmed by a bystander, the grainy amateur tape was passed to local television channels and the story -- with its echoes of the videotaped beating of Rodney King by police officers that led to the 1992 Los Angeles riots -- became national news.

Webb, 45, has been on administrative leave since the incident and could face 18 years in prison if convicted.
He is to be charged with attempted manslaughter.

Carrion was the PASSENGER in a car that tried to evade police. The Driver is being charged with evading and driving while intoxicated.

images here .... video here (if you can stomach Windows Media)

No Evidence For Court Order

Well they have enough evidence now! The Seattle Times: Local News: Ex-wife shot at; man kills himself

So she tries to follow the advice of the Left, which is "Get a restraining order." But she is turned down.
Papers filed in Snohomish County Superior Court said the woman had moved to Everett with her three teenage children from Madison, Wis., in June to escape her ex-husband. The woman had tried to obtain a protective order, but it was denied for lack of evidence, according to the court papers.
She moved from Wisconsin to Washington state to escape this guy. (Someone should have told her that Washington state, unlike Wisconsin has reasonable self-defense laws.)

Luckily he was a terrible shot. After he shot at her and missed,an employee of the minimart got her into an office, locked the door and called 911.

With the murder portion of his murder/suicide blocked, he went on to phase two.
The shooter, who witnesses described as 6 feet tall and weighing 300 pounds, died of a single gunshot wound to the head.

I guess if he had managed to kill her, there would have been enough evidence to issue the protective order.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that restraining orders should be issued on no evidence. I am saying that relying on restraining orders is not the best way to ensure your safety.

Seven Idiots

The OX Rant has the scoop on 7 Teens Invaded Homes For 'Adrenaline Rush'. They never ran into someone armed.

A look at the states

Virginia still working on ending parking-lot bans. Gun Rights Bill Clears Senate Committee

New Hampshire considers "Stand Your Ground" Are state pols willing to stand their ground? - Concord Monitor Online. Attorneys who want to prosecute self-defense, are not happy.

Arizona moves to ensure access to firearms and ammunition. The Business Journal: NRA-backed measure would allow gun, ammo sales during state emergencies

[Hat tip Keep and Bear Arms]

Self-defense Ends Home Invasion

Local News | The Pensacola News Journal. A typical case of a homeowner defending himself and his family from an intruder.
[Edward Lucas Sr.] 63, of the 3900 block of West Mallory Street, never wanted to have to use his .22 caliber rifle that way, but Tyrone Fyoungious Preyer, 29, would not stop breaking through the door, he said.

"I yelled 'Get out of my house,' but he kept coming," said Lucas, a retired Sears employee who resided at that house for almost eight years. "I was scared to death."
How is a 63-year-old supposed to defend himself from a 29-year-old without the aid of a firearm? Personally I wouldn't use a .22 caliber firearm, but it got the job done.
Preyer's name appears 14 times in Escambia County criminal court records, with seven felonies, including: aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, burglary and grand theft auto.
There will be no charges, as this is clearly self-defense.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The end of Freedom of the Press

Capitol Hill Blue - Bush declares war on freedom of the press. Well here we go. People are the focus of "national security letters" because they criticized the government.
"The significance of this cannot be overstated," says prominent New York litigator Glenn Greenwald. "In essence, while the President sits in the White House undisturbed after proudly announcing that he has been breaking the law and will continue to do so, his slavish political appointees at the Justice Department are using the mammoth law enforcement powers of the federal government to find and criminally prosecute those who brought this illegal conduct to light.
All of you who were in favor the Patriot Act take note - the end of freedom may be just around the corner.

First, you have to love the stupidity of government employees.
Just how widespread, and uncontrolled, this latest government assault has become hit close to home last week when one of the FBI's National Security Letters arrived at the company that hosts the servers for this web site, Capitol Hill Blue.

The letter demanded traffic data, payment records and other information about the web site along with information on me, the publisher.

Now that's a problem. I own the company that hosts Capitol Hill Blue. So, in effect, the feds want me to turn over information on myself and not tell myself that I'm doing it. You'd think they'd know better.
Since service providers aren't supposed to tell the subjects of these letters that they are under investigation, he needs to hide this info from himself.

Next, what is the crime of "Capital Hill Blue?" CHB was part of the group that reported on the warrant-less wiretaps.
Bush recently directed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to use "whatever means at your disposal" to wiretap, follow, harass and investigate journalists who have published stories about the administration's illegal use of warrant-less wiretaps, use of faulty intelligence and anything else he deems "detrimental to the war on terror."
As Mr Thompson says, this is more like the intimidation you see from street thugs or a junta-run dictatorship. [Via SayUncle]

Kenedy beats out Kerry for Most Liberal Senator

'Heroes' of Senate liberalism�-�Editorials/Op-Ed�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper. Here are the people that the National Journal expects to run for office, and their "liberalism" scores.
On a continuum from 0 to 100, Mr. Kerry received a composite liberal score of 86.7 in 2005, making him the eighth most liberal senator last year. Trailing him in 2005 were Mr. Feingold (85.2, 14th); Mr. Biden (80.2, 19th); Mrs. Clinton (79.8, 20th); and Mr. Bayh (70.7, 34th).
The National Journal also helpfully supplied lifetime average composite liberal scores. Among the five likely presidential candidates in 2008, Mr. Kerry's was the highest: 85.7 since 1985. The others' average lifetime liberal composite scores are: Mr. Feingold (80.6 since 1993); Mrs. Clinton (80.5 since 2001); Mr. Biden (76.8 since 1981, although he was first elected in 1972); and Mr. Bayh (63.2 since 1999).
Americans for Democratic Action also listed Ms. Clinton as a "Liberal Hero."

If Hilary Clinton's record is as liberal as Feingold's, I don't how she expects to run in the center.

Free Speech, Consequences and Military Recruiting

justiceAP Wire | 03/06/2006 | Court upholds campus military recruiting. Was there ever any doubt as to how this would be decided?
The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that colleges that accept federal money must allow military recruiters on campus.
What this suit said was, universities are entitled to federal research and other monies. That they could not be stripped of that money, no matter what they did.

My first reaction upon hearing of this suit so long ago was, "Grow up!" As so many people are finding out freedom of speech comes with consequences. You are free to say what you want. I am free to withhold my money (by not watching your movies, not listening to your songs, not funding your research.) You are still free to say what you want.
When the case was argued before the Supreme Court on Dec. 6, Chief Justice Roberts zeroed in on the universities' apparent desire to have it both ways — to show disapproval of the military's treatment of gay people but still leave the federal money spigots open.

"What you're saying is, this is a message we believe in strongly, but we don't believe in it to the detriment of $100 million," the chief justice told a university lawyer.
Free Speech comes with consequences.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Boston Massacre

This Day in History: March 5, 1770 What began as taunts of British soldiers, ended with 5 Americans dead.

Troops had been dispatched to America to enforce various taxation schemes enacted by England.
British Captain Thomas Preston, the commanding officer at the Customs House, ordered his men to fix their bayonets and join the guard outside the building. The colonists responded by throwing snowballs and other objects at the British regulars, and Private Hugh Montgomery was hit, leading him to discharge his rifle at the crowd. The other soldiers began firing a moment later, and when the smoke cleared, five colonists were dead or dying - Crispus Attucks, Patrick Carr, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, and James Caldwell - and three more were injured. Although it is unclear whether Crispus Attucks, an African American, was the first to fall as is commonly believed, the deaths of the five men are regarded by some historians as the first fatalities in the American Revolutionary War.
Two British soldiers were found convicted of manslaughter.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Way Horror Movies Should End!

There are few horror movies that could not be cut very short like this!

[Hat tip Xavier]

Gun Nut Test

I always wish that they would tell me which ones I got wrong, and what the correct answers are.

NRA Member
You are 82% of a gun nut!

You have excellent skills in weapons handling. I could definetly trust you to cover my back. Matter of fact, you're probably packing right now!
My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 62% on knowledge

Link: The Gun Nut Test written by slayer1am on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

[hat tip Tam]

First outlaw silencers, then complain about noise

This is a classic case of "I bought a house near a gun club, airport, etc. that has been there a good long time, but I don't like the noise." | Gun club hearing draws 200-plus Hey, if you don't like noise, you shouldn't have bought a house next door to a gun club.

And of course, since silencers are mostly illegal (you can get them, but the process is complicated, the licensing extreme, and the cost high) guns make noise.

We mandate mufflers on cars and outlaw them on guns.

17th Annual Survey of Police Chiefs and Sheriffs

National Ledger - 2006 Police Chiefs Poll: Terrorism, Gun Control, Drugs I do love statistics, and although there aren't a lot in the news article, they were kind enough to provide a link to the organization that hosts the survey results.

survey results. This is a PDF (You have been warned!) National Association of Chiefs of Police © 2005.

Some selected questions and the results of surveying 22,587 Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police.
Should any law-abiding citizen be able to purchase a firearm for sport or self-defense?93.6% said YES
Do you believe law-abiding citizens should be limited to the purchase of no more than one firearm per month?72.8% said NO
Will a national concealed handgun permit reduce rates of violent crime as recent studies in some states have already reflected?63.1% said YES
Do you believe the media (TV, radio and print) is fair and impartial in reporting the news?93.2% said NO

I included the statistic on media truth-telling and bias because I find it interesting that a group of people who routinely deal with the media, find them to be so completely unreliable. That and I love to bash the MSM.

By and large, law enforcement knows what limitations they are operating under. They cannot be on every street corner. They cannot watch over every domestic violence victim 24 hours every day. They understand that people confronted with violence, need to to be able to defend themselves, from one or more attackers, until help can arrive. In most cities, a 911 call response is measured in minutes, which is plenty of time for horrible things to happen. And this assumes that the victim has a chance to call 911 before the crime is committed.

Law enforcement is on the side of the Second Amendment.