Wednesday, March 15, 2006

21 States Consider 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

Several States Consider 'Stand Your Ground' Bills. At least 6 are expected to pass such laws.
The legislation is most likely to pass in Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi and Arizona.
There is the usual complaints from the Brady Bunch, but the fact is this law - which shields me both from prosecution AND from civil liability (which is the more important aspect - more in a second) should I shoot someone in self-defense.

It is not a permit to do what I want. The usual restrictions on self-defense apply.... I must face a reasonable threat....

Why do I say the civil immunity is more important? Because there are several instances of people legally defending themselves, who are later sued in court and forced to pay huge sums to their attackers (or their attackers heirs). To be forced to pay when I did not break the law strikes me as the very opposite of justice. [via NRA-ILA]

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