Monday, March 27, 2006

Armed Self-defense Stops Armed Home Invasion - News - Police: Home Invasion Shootout Leaves Intruder Dead [Update: It seems that the article in question has changed... to no longer identify the dead guy as "victim." Way to go, Denver Channel!] We have another news organization that cannot tell the victims from the criminals, but leaving that aside, we have a story of a man defending himself and his son from an attack by his mothers ex (apparently).
the homeowner saw [the dead guy] trying to break into the front door with the butt end of a rifle. The homeowner grabbed a .410 shotgun and shot the intruder in the chest as he entered the home, but the shot did not stop him, police said.

The homeowner and his son ran into a back bedroom where the homeowner grabbed a 30-06 rifle and started loading it. Police said the intruder fired two rounds from a 30.30 rifle through the closed bedroom door. He then began to break down the door and was shot in the hip by the homeowner.
He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The story only says that the dead guy was involved with in a domestic violence case with the homeowner's mother. Sweet, so to get back at her he goes after her son and grandson. I won't cry any tears over this guy.

No charges will be filed against the homeowner for defending himself and his son. [Thanks to a comment by BobG]

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