Friday, March 24, 2006

Call 911 and expect to be saved? Not in Chattanooga

justiceThat is the advice that the Left gives so much, but the truth is, calling 911 is a bit like a crap shoot. Consider this story: Records show thousands of 911 calls in Chattanooga, Tenn., go unanswered. If you are betting your life on your ability to get help from 911, you may be making a bad bet.
During one 10-month period, from January to October 2005, about 27,000 calls to city dispatchers at the 911 center went unanswered, police spokesman Tetzell Tillery said. Last month 20 percent — about 2,000 — of more than 10,650 calls placed were not answered, he said.
So they answer 80% of calls. If the brakes on your car only worked 80% of the time, how would you feel about driving around during rush hour? Yet the Left will insist that we don't need to be able to defend ourselves, we only need to call 911.

And though this story is focused on Chattanooga, do not think for an instant that this is a problem limited to Tennessee. There are numerous stories of the failure of 911 calls, and the delays, and hang-ups, and the outright refusal to send help. Even when the 911 system works perfectly, the police are many minutes away. And this assumes that you can call 911 BEFORE the crime occurs.

Dialing 911 and hoping for help to arrive is a gamble, and it is not one that I wish to bet my safety on. There are no guarantees in this life of course, and my plans for self-defense do not make me invincible. But I believe my chances are better than if I just blindly hoped to be rescued. [KABA]

[Picture from Oleg Volk and A Human Right]

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