Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Canada Still Doesn't Believe in Self-defense

Hamilton Spectator - Domestic murders can be prevented, police say I think this sums up the Canadian position nicely.
There are seven Hamilton women at risk right now of being killed by their partner.

Each one has an alarm system installed in her home that is directly connected to the police. If her husband or boyfriend shows up, she pushes a button and the cops respond to her alarm as a Priority 1 call.

This is the final defence against domestic homicide.
And if the police don't get there before the guy kicks in the door and stabs her, well that is just life I guess.

All of this is good. But people who are in this state - of having a direct line to the police without having to bother about 911 - need a bit more than a panic button. A 12 gauge or a large caliber revolver would be good, together with a couple of hours of instruction.

Canadians have drunk the "just call for help" koolaid. What are women who are many minutes from that "priority 1" police response supposed to do? No one in Canada thinks they should defend themselves. At least no one in government or the media thinks that. If they are far enough away from police that the response is 10 or more minutes, there is at least a fair chance the woman will die.

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