Thursday, March 23, 2006

Delaware Takes Another Step Toward “Shall Issue”

The News Journal - Panel OKs easing concealed gun rules. Police are opposed to allowing citizens to defend themselves without coming up with a "compelling reason." What better reason than the fact that we live in a violent society, and the police cannot protect us 24 hours a day, and cannot be held accountable when they don't protect us?

But this was not good enough for the police in Delaware.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much show of support today.
"We are not interested in seeing the wild, wild West take place," said Thompson, who has a concealed-carry permit.

"We just don't think that unelected bureaucrats and people in the Attorney General's Office should be making the decision about whether I can protect myself," Thompson said.
The police in Delaware need to look at the results of “Shall Issue” in other states. It has not resulted in Wild West Shoot Outs. The predictions of the Brady's have never come true. [Via NRA-ILA]

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