Thursday, March 09, 2006

Epidemic of Muslims Raping Women

Europe is awash in rapists.
The direct connection between the rapes and Islam is irrefutable, as Muslims are significantly overrepresented among convicted rapists and rape suspects. The Muslim perpetrators themselves boast that there crime is justified since their victims were, among other things, not properly veiled.
I'm sorry but I just don't get the multiculturalists' (or the feminists') silence on this. All cultures are not the same, not if they condone this kind of brutality.

And the connection is real. Islamic rapists in Australia claimed they were innocent, since the women they raped were not veiled. (At least one of them is serving 22 years. One can only hope he gets a little "pay-back" while in the Big House.)

And for those who still want to defend the "religion of peace," consider this:
In some parts of Pakistan, sexual assault – including gang rape – is officially sanctified as a legitimate form of enforcing the social value system.

One village council recently ordered that five young girls should be “abducted, raped or murdered” for refusing to be treated as chattel. The girls were aged between six and thirteen when they were married without their knowledge, to pay a family debt.
I won't say what I think should happen to that village council.

I don't want this to be an indictment of all Muslims. There are organizations of Muslims working to improve the situation for women. Of course the MSM does not report on their activities much. The old "If it bleeds it leads" idea, and these organizations don't cause that kind of news. (Unless of course their members are being killed by the fascists.)

But the fascist side of Islam is the enemy of every woman who wants the freedom we enjoy in the West. [Cross posted at The Cotillion]

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