Thursday, March 02, 2006

Finally Updating to Firefox & Thunderbird

I am finally updating from a Sept '05 build of SeaMonkey to the new Firefox and Thunderbird.

And of course it is not going as smoothly as I had hoped.... Posting will be light

Update: 4 March 2006

Apparently (though I have no definite proof) the fact that I had email folders with multiple sub-folders fooled the email migration utility. The manual migration of one folder at time worked for everything that is current and important. The archives (multiple sub-folders) I had only in SeaMonkey for convienience sake. I still have them saved in Outlook - but I dread using MS products. (You can't get away from IE completely because since IE is NOT a conforming application, some websites - like MS - require IE.)

I have to say that I like Firefox and Thunderbird. There are a few small differences between them and the old SeaMonkey (the original Mozilla suite), and I am still tripping over some things, but they do seem to be a bit faster.

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