Saturday, March 11, 2006

First they were scared of black guns...

Now the Brady Bunch are scared of non-black guns. Colored Guns (This is a PDF. You have been warned!)

The ability to have a gun customized by having a high-tech, hard finish in various colors is not new, but the Brady's have just discovered it - or so it seems.

As LawDog says,
No, you syphilitic catamites with delusions of adequacy, the kinds of folks who use coloured guns to commit crimes aren't going to pony up $200 - $500 of dosh just to refinish their Glock. If, for some heretofor unknown reason, they want a pink Glock, they're going to shoplift a can of Krylon, or a jar of Testors model paint and do the job themselves in the garage.
One of the more "famous" of these custom jobs is the bARbie-15 (AR-15) shown above.

That work is done by Chameleon Weaponry. I like the "power tool" look below better myself. (Click the photo below for a look at some of their work.) [UPATE: For those who prefer DeWalt]

Update- It appears that Chameleon Weaponry is no more - or they've moved their web site any way.... Take a look at the offerings from Galt's Guns.

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