Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kansas Legislature Overrides Concealed Carry Veto

Kansas lawmakers override veto on concealed guns. Welcome the age of self-defense, Kansas.
The Republican-controlled state House of Representatives voted 91 to 33 to enact the law, which Sebelius, a Democrat, said would make Kansas businesses less safe and hinder crime-prevention efforts. She said he had issued her veto at the urging of law enforcement.

The state Senate, also under Republican control, earlier voted 30-10 to override the veto.
No facts to back up that statement of the governor of course. Just lefty, anti-gun invective.
The law allows Kansas residents over 21 years old to carry hidden guns into a variety of public places, although concealed weapons would be banned in schools, bars, courtrooms, churches and some other locations. To receive a permit, gun owners would have to pass a background check and receive weapons training.
The Chruches exemption is one I hate. Women (people generally) being stalked, by an abusive ex-spouse or whatever, need to be able to defend themselves whenever they are on a known schedule at a known location. To-and-from work, to-and-from religious services, picking-up and dropping-off kids at school or day care.

Congratluations to all the good folks in Kansas.

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