Monday, March 06, 2006

Kenedy beats out Kerry for Most Liberal Senator

'Heroes' of Senate liberalism�-�Editorials/Op-Ed�-�The Washington Times, America's Newspaper. Here are the people that the National Journal expects to run for office, and their "liberalism" scores.
On a continuum from 0 to 100, Mr. Kerry received a composite liberal score of 86.7 in 2005, making him the eighth most liberal senator last year. Trailing him in 2005 were Mr. Feingold (85.2, 14th); Mr. Biden (80.2, 19th); Mrs. Clinton (79.8, 20th); and Mr. Bayh (70.7, 34th).
The National Journal also helpfully supplied lifetime average composite liberal scores. Among the five likely presidential candidates in 2008, Mr. Kerry's was the highest: 85.7 since 1985. The others' average lifetime liberal composite scores are: Mr. Feingold (80.6 since 1993); Mrs. Clinton (80.5 since 2001); Mr. Biden (76.8 since 1981, although he was first elected in 1972); and Mr. Bayh (63.2 since 1999).
Americans for Democratic Action also listed Ms. Clinton as a "Liberal Hero."

If Hilary Clinton's record is as liberal as Feingold's, I don't how she expects to run in the center.

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