Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sandra Froman: President of the NRA

FromanSTANFORD Magazine: Top Gun It is refreshing to see this profile of Sandra Froman in a publication associated with a California University.

The profile of both Ms. Froman and the NRA is mostly positive. There are a few words from the Brady Bunch and a few from a University prof. who is mostly in the middle. But it is nice to see the NRA portrayed this way.

It covers how Ms. Froman got started as a gun owner.
She was 32, recently divorced and living alone in the Hollywood Hills north of Los Angeles. An attorney at one of L.A.’s most prestigious law firms, Loeb and Loeb, she had risen quickly to partner on the strength of her trial work. She was confident, successful and financially secure. But she wasn’t prepared for what happened that summer night in 1981.

She followed the sound to the front door, stood on tiptoe and peered through the peephole. A man was bent over the doorknob, trying to jimmy the lock with a screwdriver. Heart racing, Froman banged on the door with both fists, screaming for him to leave. The man paused, straightened up, stooped again, and casually went back to work.
She went out that week to buy a gun, and was steered by the gun shop into taking a safety course first.

It is well worth the read. [Thanks to the Geek with a .45]

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