Friday, March 03, 2006

Self-defense Stops Home Intrusion

The Beaumont Enterprise - News - 03/03/2006 - Homeowner shoots, injures an intruder Two intruders break in, and the resident, Anthony White, retrieves a shotgun. The mutants run for the exit.

White goes to the front door to ensure they are gone, and one of them shoot at him. He returns fire with his shotgun.
White, 38, retreated to his bedroom to get his shotgun. He came out to find the two men on the run. As White stepped through his front door, one of the men turned around and fired at him. White was not injured and shot back, hitting the 24-year old man in the right arm.
These guys could just have kept running, and White would probably have done nothing. Instead they decided to escalte the situation. White's fiancée, Margarite Monroe said, "I hope they get the message."

The injured goon is under arrest, the other is still on the run.

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