Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Six Apart, Typepad and Pornography

Beth over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has a little problem with the way Typepad is treating people who stop their accounts. MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy - Typepad SUCKS!!!

Merri of MerriMusings had been on typepad, but being unhappy with the service found a new home. Almost as soon as she dropped her Typepad account, SixApart - the company that runs the Typepad service - allowed it to be turned into a pornographic site. This seems to violate their Terms of Service, but the word from their support personnel is that they really can't enforce those terms on any blog. A letter to their press contact asking for clarification has gone unanswered, though that could just be for lack of time. (If they answer I will update this post!)

Merri was getting in the neighborhood of 1000 hits per day on the old site. Google searchs, blogrolls - though she is trying to make everyone aware so they can update to the new URL still point to the old URL - now a not-safe-for-work or children type of site.

If you are looking for a place to host a blog, I would look very carefully at what they did to Merri before I selected Six Apart or Typepad, and you should know that Six Apart has other hosting services aside from Typepad.

[Update: Access to the offending site has been suspended. Did Six Apart finally decide to enforce their TOS? Or did a whole bunch of angry bloggers and bad publicity get them moving? Probably some combination of the two.]

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