Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Things I Will Never Understand

Mom's friend kills son, police say A woman came home and
found the body of her 34-year-old ex-boyfriend, who had hanged himself on the patio.

Breaking into the home through a window, she found her 17-year-old son dead in his bedroom, the victim of blunt-force trauma to the body, inflicted with a hammer
He killed a 17-year-old kid because she broke up with him? Bludgeoned him with a hammer, and then hung himself. Lovely

Marion Star - Police: Man killed teen for walking across yard Were the kids harrassing this old man?
A 66-year-old man told police he shot and killed his 15-year-old neighbor because the boy walked across his lawn.
Even if the kids were giving him a hard time, this is no way to solve a problem.

SignOnSanDiego.com -- Ex-boyfriend gets life prison term in woman's slaying Another man who can't accept a break-up
After the breakup, Cain began making harassing phone calls to Phillips up to 50 times a day. He vandalized her car, flattened her tires and showed up uninvited at family functions. Cain also fired ball bearings at her house with a slingshot, breaking a window.
Did he think this would win her back? He ended up killing her.

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