Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We now return to our regularly scheduled ... whatever

OK, the boat didn't sink. That's the good news. [No that isn't exactly my boat, it is one of the marketing photos from when the boat was new. So it is the same type of boat.]

It seems crazy but as soon as you create a hull that will keep the water out, you cut holes in it to let the water in. Mine has 7 (if some of you heard me say 6, well I mis-counted.) 3 let water in (engine cooling, air conditioning, etc.), 3 let water out (2 of which cannot be used within 3 miles of the US shore), and one is for the propeller drive shaft. Well the propeller drive shaft is a special case, and comes with what is called a stuffing box or packing gland. Well this was leaking.

And the bilge pump decided to begin acting strange at the same time. (The automatic portion was no longer reliable.)

These two things together - water coming in and not being pumped out - spell disaster for a boat. The stuffing box is re-stuffed. (Thanks to the heroic efforts of my dear friend Tom S.) The bilge pump is rewired. All is well with the world... at least for today.

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