Saturday, March 25, 2006

Why Aren't We Teaching Safety To Kids?

Armed Females of America: Suicide by Stupidity!
A 17 year old high school junior hanging with his friends in rural Quarryville, PA was playing with a friend’s handgun, removed the magazine, put the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger. Really funny, huh? Without even reading the rest of the story you know the ending.
People who are not given the mere basics of safety training will continue to act in negligent ways.

Anyone who has had 10 minutes worth of safety instruction with a semi-automatic handgun would know that dropping the magazine, does not unload the weapon. There is of course one cartridge left in the chamber.
I am going to lay the blame for this one, and all the others like it, at the feet of the anti-gun movement. They are creating a whole generation of ignorant people that don’t know how safely handle a firearm if they come in contact with one. And at some time they will.

Groups like the Million Moms and the Brady Campaign are guilty of negligence by not encouraging firearm safety instead of ignorance…”after all if it saves one child!” I blame these groups for every kid and even adults who has ever committed “suicide” by stupidity.
If your kids are small find an Eddie the Eagle safety class. If your kids are not so small, either teach them gun safety or take them to a class where they will learn gun safety. There are states that permit 8 and 10 year-olds to hunt in the presence of a parent. Kids can learn to safely handle firearms at a young age.

There are 4 simple rules for gun safety, which had this kid known them, he would probably be alive today.

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