Monday, March 27, 2006

Why Stories of Self-defense Are Important

LibertyI spend a great deal of time writing about people that defend themselves from home invaders, robbers, etc. I spend even more time combing through news stories for the articles that interest me. Why?

One of the more stupid things that the Left loves to say is, "If it saves just one life..." Apparently anything is permissible to the left if it saves just one life. Any violation of rights or privacy is OK if it saves just one life. (don't get started on Roe versus Wade please! No one ever said their positions were logical.)

But these stories, and the real statistics behind gun ownership and self-defense, remind us that guns save lives all the time. And I can literally find these stories on a daily or at least semi-weekly basis.

Most of the victims in these stories (and remember, if you attack me, and I kill you in self-defense, you are not the victim) would be dead or seriously wounded were it not for their ability to defend themselves. Some of the victims do end up injured, but in many cases they are injured protecting their families.

Private ownership of firearms saves lives everyday. Why then does the left not apply the "If it saves one life" rule to this and leave private ownership of firearms alone? Because gun control is not, and has never been, about crime control. In this country gun control was mostly about keeping guns out of the hands of blacks. In the UK, gun control was about keeping guns out of the hands of Communists and labor unions in the early 1900s. Gun control has always been about controlling the masses, maintaining the status quo and about maintaining (and enhancing) the government's monopoly on power. Gun control is about reducing the power of the individual.

Self-defense stories remind us that the individual still has some control over his destiny. Plans will fail sometimes, and preparations will be inadequate in the face of overwhelming odds, we are only human after all, and yet every day in this country people make choices that enable them to stand up to and to defeat violent attacks. These stories remind us that the individual does have the power to control the world.

Here are the list of self-defense stories I found interesting in March of this year.

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