Saturday, March 25, 2006

Why would the husband of rape victim not want her to be able to protect herself?

Hell In A Handbasket: A Day in the Life Not all guys are jerks, but the ones that are, are REALLY jerks in a big way.
She had survived the worst moment of her life, something that had been more horrible and terrifying than she had ever imagined, and she wanted to make sure that it never happened again. A grim look stole into her eyes as she dry fired the Magnum, and I knew that it would be the last thing the next rapist saw. Right then, for that brief and fragile moment, it was a good day to be alive.

Then her husband came home. It all went downhill from there.
She should leave this guy because he has no respect for her, no respect for her need to no longer feel helpless, no respect for her ability to handle a firearm, no respect for her ability to judge a defensive situation and react accordingly.

The best way to avoid rape is to fight back if you find yourself in that situation. But if you are to fight back, you need to prepare a little. Mentally, and physically. The most effective means of fighting back in my opinion is to use firearms. This woman was denied that means because someone who claims to love her, feels he knows better what is good for her. He drank the "guns are bad koolaid" and would rather see her raped a second time, would rather see her afraid of every shawdow, than to have her be able to defend herself with fast-moving lead. [Alphecca]

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