Sunday, April 30, 2006

Guns At Work? Only The Bad Guys Have Them

People often wonder why anyone would want to have a gun in their car at work. The answer can be found in The Daily News Journal - Shots ring out in parking lot.
SMYRNA — Gunfire split the Wednesday morning air as employees prepared to start the work day at Cumberland Swan. An employee lay shot, and the ex-husband she recently divorced is now charged with attempted murder.
How much are you willing to bet that employees of this company are disarmed by company policy? How clear is it that said policy did nothing to stop this tragedy, and probably aided it? How clear is it that any policy of the company had no chance of keeping guns off the property? The guy was barred from having guns by law but that didn't stop him.

It isn't about having a gun in your car at work. It is about being able to defend yourself on the drive to-and-from work. People being stalked are most vulnerable when they are on a fixed schedule at a known location: to-and-from work, picking-up and dropping-off kids at school and daycare, to-and-from religious services. All are known locations, and known schedules. All are places that society loves to disarm people.

The only thing disarming employees does is to create defenseless-victim zones. No one can protect themselves. No Good Samaritan can step in and act. The police are minutes away. The criminals will do what they want. And before you go all gun-control on this topic, explain to me how things would be better if this creep stabbed his ex-wife, hit her with a baseball bat, or strangled her with his bare hands. Do we need knife/bat/hand control? Or do we need to empower women to be able to defend themselves from attacks like this?

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