Saturday, May 13, 2006

In Defense of Self or the State

U.S. Newswire : Releases : "Armed Citizen Who Came to Aid of..." city council member, Rick Talbert.

Rick Talbert, a Tacoma Wahsington city counil member was attacked, apparently as part of a road rage incident. A car began following him and honking the horn as he drove to a dry cleaners. In the parking lot, he was attacked and hit at least twice. This motorist "then reportedly threatened to kill him while motioning as if he was reaching for a gun."

So Dan Korba, who works in the shop, came to Talberts aid - with a firearm in his hand. Media has been reluctant to report on this.
[S]ome of the reports seemed clearly reluctant to note the role that Dan Korba played in the drama. Initially, only the Tacoma News Tribune and KIRO Eyewitness News were interested in the fact that Korba came to Talbert's aid after grabbing a pistol he keeps at the dry cleaning shop where he works.
No shots were fired, but the threat was eliminated as the "motorist" jumped back into his vehicle and left the scene.

The Tacoma Tribune covered the story, but they archive things (and expect you to pay for access) fairly quickly. Big Media did not cover this of course, since it does not fit in with their anti-gun propaganda.

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