Monday, May 08, 2006

UN Peacekeepers Pedophiles in Liberia

Peacekeepers, teachers prey on Liberia girls: report - Yahoo! News The latest effort on the part of the United Nations Useless Nitwits to rebuild a country has turned into a problem.
MONROVIA (Reuters) - U.N. peacekeepers, aid workers and teachers are having sex with Liberian girls as young as 8 in return for money, food or favors, threatening efforts to rebuild a nation wrecked by war, a report said on Monday.
And of course this not the only instance of UN "Peacekeepers" misconduct.
Allegations of sexual misconduct have dogged U.N. operations in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Haiti and especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the world body has accused members of its biggest peacekeeping force of rape, pedophilia and giving children food or money in return for sex.

The U.N. force in Liberia said in a statement eight cases of sexual exploitation and abuse involving U.N. personnel had been reported since the start of 2006. One of those had been substantiated and the member of staff suspended.
Note the "punishment." The staff member was suspended. Not fired. Not tried. Not sent to jail. The punishment for sexual misconduct of any nature, even with a child, is to be sent home.

The problem is widespread.
The report's compilers spoke to more than 300 people in camps for displaced people and communities where people had recently returned to their pre-war localities.

"All of the respondents clearly stated that they felt that the scale of the problem affected over half of the girls in their locations," it said, adding aid workers, teachers, camp and government employees, policemen and soldiers were involved.

"The girls reportedly ranged in age from 8 to 18 years, with girls of 12 years and upwards identified as being regularly involved in 'selling sex.'"
When are we going to stop supporting the criminal organization known as the UN? Forget Oil-for-Food; that only involved money and fraud. UN "peacekeeping missions" are frequently Sex-for-Food operations. Liberia is NOT unique. Allegations of UN Misconduct in Congo in 2004 were well documented, though all but ignored by Big Media.

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