Saturday, May 13, 2006

Venus and Mars Go to the Shooting Range

BersaVia Tam, I found a great series of posts on women and shooting. The advice is right on the money. (Tam has a great take on the first question below as well.)

Which gun for a woman is hard to answer, so Cornered Cat starts out with an easier question: What gun for a man? Let a man pick out a gun for himself? Whatever for. Don't all men like to shoot the same gun? There isn't a holy war going on between the 1911 crowd and the Glock crowd is there? (Not to mention those folks who like revolvers.) When men buy guns for the women in their lives, they typically fall into two categories. One group buys the .22 Long Rifle, and the other buys whatever they like.

I particularly liked How to Make Your Wife Hate Guns in 10 easy steps. (Guys do this in sailing too, and maybe in all of life.) Never include your mate in any of the "fun" parts of the sport. Never take her wishes into account regarding schedule, cost, location, etc.... anyway go read the whole thing.
Note: All people mentioned in this article are fictional. Any resemblance to any actual people is really regrettable.
RevolverProbably the most important is, Teaching your wife to shoot. This is a bad idea. When I was an NRA-certified instructor, we allowed husband/wife boyfriend/girlfriend teams to take the same class, but we did not let them sit together during the class-room portion, and we also separated them on the range. People with that much going on in a relationship don't make very good teachers. If you want your significant other to learn to shoot (and they are agreed) buy them a place in a local NRA class, and take them out to dinner when they pass.

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