Friday, June 30, 2006

The 63rd Carnival of Cordite

This week's Carnival is hosted by Mr. Completely: Lots of good stuff, and a sad note about the passing of Acidman.

Another Interview with Nugent

Ted NugentIndependent - Ted Nugent: Off his rocker? (via KABA) The UK's Independent manages to get an interview with the Nuge. It is funny to see how a Brit reacts to Nugent.
He owns 350 guns, wants to nuke Iraq and makes his friend George W look like a liberal. Now 1970s heavy metal star Ted Nugent has his sights set on a new target: entering US politics

So Why Was this Even Taken to Trial?

Hazelwood man found not guilty in death Another DA prosecuting a clear case of self-defense.
[The attacker] shot Mr. Moyer in the elbow during a struggle over his gun and he then turned and aimed at Mr. Dunn, who pulled out a gun and shot Mr. Buckley once in the chest. Mr. Buckley died shortly afterward at UPMC Presbyterian.

The judge said the forensics evidence matched these statements. A University of Pittsburgh groundskeeper found Mr. Dunn's gun in a flower bed where both men said it would be. The DNA on the other gun's grip matched the victim's and had Mr. Moyer's blood on the barrel.

"In my 23 years, this was probably the best self defense case I've ever had," said William H. Difenderfer.
He turned himself in, and it was clear that the evidence was in his favor. There was no doubt. Why take this to a trial? Oh yeah, I forgot this happened in PA, where guns are bad.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sometimes a Movie is So Bad, It's Good.

The entire career of Ed Wood comes to mind.

Sadly Blood Rayne is not such a movie. It is just bad. I can usually get through a movie with the aid of Fast Forward, but not this time. Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen and Billy Zane should have a talk with their agents.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Burglar slain with his own shotgun | Chicago Tribune Even in the People's Republic of Illinois, self-defense is legal.
Although the burglar was armed with a shotgun, the homeowner confronted him, Mirabelli said.

"A struggle ensued, and the shotgun discharged, striking the offender in the head," Mirabelli said.

The burglar was pronounced dead at the scene. There are no plans to charge the homeowner, Mirabelli said, because he was "acting in fear for his life."
[hat tip CGDB]

Michael Yon Still Fighting for His Property

Michael Yon : Online Magazine � Blog Archive � Bordering on the Criminally Inane As you may know, Hachette Filapachhi Media (HFM) stole from Michael. They are using one of his copyrighted works without his permission. They don't seem to care.

Borders Books doesnt' care either, as they are continuing to sell the magazines in question.

Michael Yon's post has links to all the legal stuff.

Make HFM and Borders aware of your displeasure, by not buying their magazines or shopping in their stores.

HFM titles you may want to avoid include: Car and Driver, Road and Track, Woman’s Day, Flying, Boating and Elle

History in Kuwait

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Kuwaiti women's time has come Women got the right to vote and run for office in Kuwait last year. With the Kuwaiti parliament being dissolved recently, this is the first election they have had a chance to participate in.

Seems to be a fairly standard election with allegations of vote-buying, government corruption, and candidates claiming the moral high-ground. Women's chances are listed as "slim" for being elected. Still it is a first step.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dr. Sanity is having a Harry Potter Moment

Dr. Sanity: SAY IT AIN'T SO, JO Very interesting discussion.

Staying in Touch With My Inner Geek

Because every once in a while, Slashdot beckons....

27th Edition of TOP500 List of World’s Fastest Supercomputers Released: IBM/DoE's BlueGene/L Keeps Top Position - maintained 280.6 TFlop/s (“teraflops” or trillions of calculations per second)

10 Reasons Why High Definition DVD Formats Have Already Failed
Take careful note – a format war is NOT competition, it is a hindrance and the bane of high definition DVDs.
I have said that repeating the Betamax fiasco was not something Sony of all companies should have been involved with.

All this started because I was looking at info on new computers. Consumer electronics don't last long in a marine environment. Hell, marine electronics don't last that long. The PC that runs on 12 volts was interesting, since my boat is set up for 12 volts. (AC Power is available only at the dock - no room for a generator.)

Irish PM Rejects the Castle Doctrine

Irish premier rejects bill that would give homeowners right to shoot burglars - MSN-Mainichi Daily News Same lame Lefty arguments, different country.

Since crime is on the rise, the opposition seems to be gearing up for "get tough on crime" campaign before next year's election.

Busy time for self-defense Woman kills man in self defense
Prosecutor Mike Thomas says the woman acted in self defense and a source close to the investigation says West had a history of assaulting the woman.
He was facing three counts of attempted murder in connection with a shooting on Porter Street in Saginaw just two weeks ago.
Not a nice man.

WLTX-TV News 19 | Caught on Tape: Store Owner Shoots at Robbers When 3 masked gunmen came into her store, Mary Todd took action that stopped the robbery.
"I shot my gun through my little office window," she says.

Adds Cain, "Right then the boys were like, 'We're getting shot at, we're outta here.'" - GUN-CARRYING MAN FOILS TENDERLOIN ROBBERY But in San Fran, he didn't stick around to talk to the police.
Police are searching for a would-be victim who fought back against three armed robbers with his own gun early this morning in the Tenderloin neighborhood, according to San Francisco police Lt. John Loftus.

The three men, one armed with a shotgun, approached a man and a woman on the corner of Leavenworth and Turk streets around 4 a.m. and held them up. Instead of complying, however, the man pulled out a gun of his own and shot all three assailants.
Could be his gun is illegal. Could be he dosen't want to deal with "The System." (Especially in San Fran where guns are bad....)

Which is the More Environmentally Progressive State? Massachestts or Texas?

mAss Backwards: I Guess It All Depends... "on your definition of Progressive"

A great little exposé of the situation in Mass.
The great liberal Kennedy, meanwhile, may be wind power's most visible opponent nationwide.
Seems our boy Ted objects to wind power anywhere it might spoil his view.

As Bruce says, get your slogans ready.
"Evil, greedy wind corporations!"
"Fight Big Wind!"
"No blood for wind!"

Feel free to add your own.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Alphecca's Weekly Check on the Bias

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias Much on the UN, and other things.

Nature, Nurture and Gay Men

gay flag More evidence on the nature versus nurture issue. Antibodies in womb 'create gay men'
for every elder brother a boy has, his chances of growing up gay increase by about a third.
I won't call this a debate, because those on the religious right refuse to accept any scientific evidence that disagrees with their position. It took the Catholic Church 500 years to admit that the earth revolves around the sun, and rotates on its axis. This is the same thing, only in biology not astronomy.

Have any of you even heard of the sexually dimorphic nucleus, let  alone heard of its implications for the nature vs. nurture debate?  Didn't think so.

How many births per 1000 children are individuals with intersex conditions? (They used to be called hermaphrodites.) It depends on how you define things, but it is about 1 in 2000 live births.  Confused that you haven't met any? Well that is because parents consent/demand surgery at birth to "correct" this condition.  Even though the results of that correction are usually questionable.  Still want to talk about Adam and Eve? Or is it just that minorities and their rights don't interest you - especially when they attack your religious dogmas?

The change in probability of a man being gay is independent of whether or not the brothers are raised together... it is NOT about psychology; it is about biology.

Disarmed Victim Zone - University Medical Center

ONN, Ohio News Now - Home Page - Man Allegedly Stabs Wife, Crashes Car No need to guess... weapons are not allowed on Ohio University campuses. Neither that inconvenient fact nor a restraining order stopped this guy.
Witnesses say the man walked into a public area of the main medical center pulled out knife and, to the horror of her coworkers, began stabbing her in her cubicle.
People wanted to do something, but no one knew what to do. What could you do? All the law-abiding people were disarmed by the state.
Lois [a coworker] says Jonda was stabbed in the face and neck. She needed to stop him, but how? Lois had hot coffee in her hand.

"He stepped toward me and I threw it on him and he didn't even flinch," Drenik said.
Hot coffee. Well the distraction was enough that the victim could escape.

Consider a similar work-place stabbing. This one in a Wal-Mart was stopped by a by-stander... carrying a legal concealed weapon.

The state does not protect anyone by disarming law-abiding people. The state does no one a service when women who are trying to divorce abusive husbands are disarmed. The only thing the state does is make them unthreatening targets for violence.

Monday, June 26, 2006

True stories of 'The Armed Citizen'

Union Leader - True stories from the files of 'The Armed Citizen' - Monday, Jun. 26, 2006 Some of these I covered, but it is nice to see that some media outlets are reprinting this NRA column.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

WLBT 3 - Jackson, MS: Would-Be Burglar Shot
According to police, 50 year-old Mary Miller was shot in the neck as she tried to break into a house in the 700 block of 1st North. She underent surgery at UMC, and then went back to Vicksburg with a relative.

No charges will be filed against the homeowner... No word yet if Miller will face any charges.
Not sure why no chares were filed against the criminal....

The Washington Post Looks at a Gun Show

Gun Enthusiasts Find a Paradise Of Wood and Steel And they come up with a reasonably positive story.
Gun enthusiasts often fume that the anti-gun crowd is forever thinking that firearms themselves are somehow responsible for terrible tragedies, as if a thing of forged steel and finely machined parts could contain some indwelling power and mind of its own.
A few fairly nice descriptions of individual guns are included.

They do get few digs in about gun control, this is the WaPo, after all. But on the whole a very nice article. When you consider the source.... amazing. [NRA-ILA]

Self-defense Works in New York

New York Daily News - L.I. woman slays armed ex So even in New York it works.
A Long Island woman shot her armed ex-boyfriend to death when he barged into her bedroom early yesterday morning, police said.

Carol Lama, 50, of Evert St. in Huntington Station, told cops that she had kept a loaded shotgun beside her bed since breaking up with Robert Travers, who lived about 5 miles away.
The ex-boyfriend had a handgun.

The Brady Bunch would remove guns, but it only knives were involved, she would have been in deep trouble.

Will Rogers Conducts the Best of Me Symphony

The Owner's Manual: #135 Best of Me Symphony
The more that learn to read the less learn how to make a living. That's one thing about a little education. It spoils you for actual work. The more you know the more you think somebody owes you a living.
BOMS is a carnival of posts at least 60 days old.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0 | Police Report You could also file this under, "Don't bring a knife to a gunfight."
A man was shot after attempting to break into in the shed attached to a home in the 400 block of Northeast 72nd Street in Miami at midnight May 7. The homeowner told police he shot at the man, hitting him in the leg, when he saw him running toward him in a crouched position with a knife. The burglar tried to run away but got stuck on a fence.
Seems a shame they are only reporting on this now.

A Judge Who Actually Did Something

about violations of a restraining order. Teacher ordered to jail for stalking ex. Judge Tichenor sent Edward Williams to jail for 4 months and established 4 years probation. Violation of probation would be a felony and likely result in the loss of his teaching credentials. This would probably screw up his retirement big-time, so I have to say that the incentive to "obey the rules" is quite large.

If I was the one with the restraining order against this guy, I would still not rely on his cooperation. I would have adequate fire-power to ensure he did not become an issue. But then I do that anyway.

Domestic Spying (and worse) Under Clinton

Villainous Company: Liberal Anti-War Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds Worse stuff was going on under Clinton - when we were not at war, than is happening now. But there was no outrage on the Left, no cries for justice from the media. A Democrat was in office after all.

Or how about outrage over "curiously timed" IRS audits directed toward administration critics? Again, since it was a Democratic administration pulling the dirty tricks, this generated no outrage.

It is a long and well written acount of the hypocrisy of the anit-Republican MSM. [via Beth]

An arrest versus death by torture

US raid in Iraq sparks outrage - Yahoo! News So we arrest a religious leader, and that sparks outrage. Two of our men are tortured to death, but that results in no outrage.

That sums up the totality of the "religion of peace."

If we treated them the way they treat us, there would be outrage at home and abroad. But torturing our service personnel to death is business as usual for them. The Left will even say that whatever happens to our people is our fault, and whatever happens to their people is our fault too.

I'm not sorry that we are the good guys. We don't torture people to death. We released this guy after a few hours, and they were shooting at our guys after all.

I am sorry that the press in this country can't figure out who the enemy is, or what side they should be on. (Does the New York Times think there would be a free press if Sharia were enforced?)

This is the "anti-gun" Left: Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Cam Edwards - Freedom for Me, But Not For Thee Melton, the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi, is under investigation for carrying concealed in areas where that is forbidden.
"I want to follow the law. What I'm telling you is that I can't live like that," he said. "I do have the right to protect myself." Ref.
But of course he doesn't think YOU have the right to protect yourself, being one of Bloomberg's anti-gun mayors.
Melton has said his life is in danger and that he receives regular threats from criminals such as drug dealers and street-gang leaders.
But women who are being stalked and abused need to abide by the rules the mayor says are unfair. Why is that? Oh, I forgot, he's king mayor. I guess he is above the law and all. His life is more important than hundreds or thousands of abused women. And being mayor is enough reason to ignore the law. [via Alphecca]

I am sure this is old news...

but I guess I am just behind the times. How NOT to steal a SideKick II

I love it when the law actually works, even in the little cases. Steal a phone - get in trouble. "Find" a phone and decide to keep it - get in trouble. Buy a phone from an obviously illegal source - get in trouble.

5th degree misdemeanor. The cops would probably have ignored it if weren't for the article in the NY Times (yes, I did say something good about the times!) and all the blog impacts.

Will it make a difference? Maybe a whole bunch of people will start to realize that the law is meant to be obeyed? (Hey Senate, is anyone listening?) Probably not. [Hat tip The Freeholder]

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My thoughts on the Blade Series

Log of Zendo: Blade

Friday Fables

Grizzly Mama: Aesop's Fable Friday Grizzly Mama has been posting a fable every Friday. This week we get two.

Something happened to the state of education... do they teach fables anymore? I doubt it... Euclid was the standard geometry text for two millenia, suddenly in the 20th Century, he wasn't good enough anymore. Aesop being Greek, has probably been written off as a "dead white man."

As a home-school teacher, GM isn't bound by what the state-run schools do (Well, not too much. There are "standards" she has to meet, records she has to keep.) So she does get to teach fables. Go take a look. I think you will enjoy.

Self-defense Still Works

It was his life or ours, shooter says about fatal blast: South Florida Sun-Sentinel An argument over whether or not he stole money, lead Antoine Jones to arm himself with a butcher knife, and head to the room where his mother's boyfriend and the 3 teens were holded up.
Antoine Jones died from a shotgun blast early Thursday after he kicked down a bedroom door and threatened his mother's boyfriend with a knife, according to the Orange County Sheriff's Office.
Since DAs in Orange County love to prosecute self-defense, this will be under investigation for a while.... Castle Doctrine or No.

“anyone going into the woods in Alaska should be carrying a gun”

News-Miner - Man shoots big griz while answering nature's call You stop on the side of the road, and walk into the bush to answer nature's call. Before you get very far, you turn around and find a 6 foot, 3 inch interior grizzly bear running toward you. What do you do?

The lounge-chair liberal in San Fran, and Boston would have you appeal to the higher nature of the grizzly, and the gun banners at the Brady Bunch would have you try to convince him you were no threat.

Fortunately the good folks in Alaska have a more down-to-earth take on the situation. Chris Yeager was able to shoot and kill the grizzly because he was armed with a Smith and Wesson revolver in .460 caliber. Probably the Brady Bunch would also hold that this gun is "too big." They hate the .50 caliber after all.

The handgun was set up for hunting.

He also had purchased a grizzly tag earlier so he gets to keep the hide and skull - 21 inches - and not turn them over to the state.

The meat is also not going to waste.
"I am a meat hunter," proclaimed Yeager. "If I kill it I eat it."
100 pounds of sausage is being made from the animal. Not a lot, but then grizzly bears are not known for being meat animals. [via KABA]

Now I've Heard (Read?) Everythng

Opinion: Fight terror with good police work The St Pete Times, slightly to the left of the World Workers' Daily on most issues, praises the police work that lead to the recent arrest of aspiring terrorists in Miami.

They call for more interaction between local and federal law enforcement, and they recognize that the lack thereof was a major problem leading up to the attacks of 9/11/01.
Some observers dismissed the Miamians as al-Qaida "wanna-be's." Rather than ridicule their competence, we should focus on something more serious - how easily a handful of zealots could cause havoc by laying their hands on materials easily obtained in free society. Last year's bombings in London, and the recent arrests in Canada, show how major democracies are vulnerable to terrorism from within.
Maybe I woke up in The Twilight Zone this morning... I can no longer say that I never agree with the St Pete Times.

Of course they do use the opportunity of home-grown terrorism to take a cheap shot at the idea of better border security, so maybe they haven't changed all that much.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Modern Dentistry

It isn't painless once the lidocaine wears off, though it isn't bad either... except for the sensitivity to cold. Can't even have a beer. Thank the gods someone gave me some Maker's Mark a few days ago. Bourbon neat isn't my first choice, but what can you do? And Bourbon with no ice is drinkable.... gin with no ice is a disaster. (Humm the theme from MASH, only because I don't remember the words.)

It also isn't completely painless, as some of us don't respond 100% to lidocaine... I nearly went through the roof a couple of times.... Still better than nothing. (I just don't like those big silver needles sticking in my mouth to start with!)

Thank goodness I have a dentist I like, and she does understand my fear.... I had a horrible dentist as a child, but living in a small town, there wasn't much choice... not that I had any choice in the matter.

Don't Expect the Courts To Help You | News | Death by Negligence This story is about a murder that happened a year ago. It was committed by someone who was in front of a judge three times in six months. He spent virtually no time in jail.
Before Fry brutally stabbed Hardison on July 31, 2005, he'd appeared before Akron Municipal Court Judge Annalisa Williams three times in less than six months for domestic violence against Hardison. Each time, Williams sent the killer-to-be on his merry way.
First he was convicted of domestic abuse and a restraining order was granted. Next he was convicted of criminal trespass, and "He received little more than community service." The third time he was charged with assault for choking and threatening death, but was released on a signature bond. Five days after this third release, his ex-girlfriend was dead.

Strangely enough, the judge is unavailable for comment on the case. (Judges, who are supposed to be the cream of the legal profession, never seem to want to talk about things like this.... cowards, all of them.)

If you are in a situation where a restraining order seems called for, get one, but remember that the police are usually only called to the scene of a crime, after the crime occurs. The courts may be your friend, and they may not, but a restraining order is NOT a bullet-proof-vest. (Or a knife-proof-shield, either.) You must take some thought for your own safety.

Not everyone is comfortable with firearms, but I believe that they offer the best protection from attack. Whatever you do, do something. Don't rely on "the System" to save you. It can't, and sometimes it won't even take the action we expect it to take. Even when it works, the Criminal Justice System (so-called) cannot protect you. You must do some of that yourself.
Image by Oleg Volk
Image copyright Oleg Volk and A-Human-Right.

Precision Guided Humor Round-up

The Alliance: Precision Guided Humor Round-up - Better War Songs
Zendo Deb of TFS Magnum gives us "Die al-Qaeda" (sung to the tune of the Knack's "My Sharona").

Little Orange Fox of The Outlaw Republican offers "Marines Went Down to Baghdad" (To the tune of "Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels).

Matty O'Blackfive offers up "Lazy Ramadi" - white-boy rap video.

I (Harvey, posting from IMAO) wrote my own little ditty - "Marines Are For Killin' Terrorists" - it could be white-boy rap.

Fearless Leader Frank J. of IMAO reminds us that he posted "the ancient Marine kill'n song" almost 3 years before the deadline. The man's got spooky psychic powers, I tells ya...

So Maybe the FBI Aren't a Bunch of Screw-ups After All

FBI logoFBI arrests seven in terrorism plot: source - Yahoo! News And to think I was bad-mouthing the FBI earlier.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. anti-terrorism agents arrested seven people in the last two days suspected of planning attacks on federal offices in Miami and the landmark Sears Tower in Chicago, a law enforcement source said on Thursday.
Glad to see somebody is on top of things, besides the RCMP that is.
The FBI declined to give details of the operation, saying it would provide more details on Friday morning in news conferences in Miami and Washington.
They thought they were dealing with AQ International, but it was the FBI. And things are normal in Miami (or what passes for normal), and the parade for the Miami Heat - NBA Champions - will go ahead as planned.

Government Stupidity Results in Death

Tony Hellerman writes a series of mysteies that always seem to portray the FBI as a bunch of fumble-fingered fuck-ups. This story today out of Florida makes me believe he is right. [Update: Well, maybe part of the organization is on top of things.]

2 die in shootout at federal prison So the FBI and others show up at a federal penn to arrest a crooked guard. They assume he won't be armed, because that isn't allowed. (Of course, the other things he is charged with doing - having sex with female inmates, smuggling in booze, drugs, etc. also were not allowed, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
"These agents were just out trying to do their job ... and it just didn't go down exactly as planned," said Michael Folmar, the FBI special agent in charge for North Florida.
Did he expect it to go exactly as planned? Of course the FBI did not pay the price; an agent of the Department of Justice Inspector General's Office died.

You have to wonder what the FBI was doing there anyway.... I suppose they were involved at some level with the investigation,

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Breaking one law, breaking more laws

JusticeN.C. most wanted lists filling with suspected illegal immigrants So, disregard for the law and disregard for the law turn out to have a positive correlation. Not what our lords and masters in the Senate would have us believe.
Hispanics represent more than 70 percent of the suspects on Wake County's most wanted lists. In Johnston, Hispanic suspects are involved in nearly all of the homicide cases in which no one has been arrested in recent years.
Not bad for a group that comprises about 8 percent of the population of those counties.

I am not anti-immigrant. Most of my family has only been in this country since World War One. It is the illegal part that bothers me. No regard for immigration laws, no regard for tax laws, no regard for employment laws.... And it appears that a sizeable portion don't have regard for the laws against murder and violence. [Hat tip The Freeholder]

Self-defense in Texas | Resident kills robbery suspect in northwest Harris County I would like to call this "Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0," but 2 bad guys got away, and the homeowner was shot - treated at the local hospital and released.

So three goblins come to his house at 1 AM, one wearing a gas company uniform. They claim to be looking for a leak. The only problem: there is no gas in that area.
The homeowner grabbed a pistol and went through the garage door, where he encountered the man and least two others , police said.

"One of the suspects jumped him, and there was a brief struggle," Martin said.

The homeowner was shot once in the arm but was able to return fire, fatally wounding the man in the uniform.

The others fled.
This illustrates a few things.
  1. Criminals are Stupid: posing a gas company employee where there is no gas.
  2. Get the gun before you investigate.
  3. Self-defense works
  4. When faced with armed resistance most criminals run like scared rabbits.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Who Cares Anymore?

The Left has come to be dominated by conspiracy theories and anti-Americans.

The Right has come to be dominated by a bunch of religious conservatives.

The Left is in love with taxing and spending and reducing my freedoms.

The Right is in love with borrowing and spending and reducing my freedoms.

The blogsphere which should have been a forum for discussion has turned into two very annoying echo-chambers.

I personally can't stand it anymore.

Son Defends His Mother Man shot by son at West Bexar County home Early reports of this incident were confused, but the truth is becoming clear.
The disabled veteran had assaulted his wife before, authorities said, but this time the man's 16-year-old son would not stand by and watch.

Tuesday morning, the boy used a .380-caliber handgun to end a violent struggle between his parents, shooting his father once in the head.
The father is in critical condition.

There is a history of domestic abuse, but the boy was arrested anyway. He will face a judge Wednesday. Evidence seems to support the mother's story that the her son shot "to defend her life — a circumstance that would justify the shooting."

Can you understand why Castle Doctrine laws are needed to ensure that people who act within the law are not sent to jail, even temporarily? This kid is in lock-up for the horrible crime of saving his mother's life. Where is the Justice, in the Criminal Justice System?

Neighbors are - wait for it - "shocked." The president of the homeowners' association never expected something like this to invade his suburban enclave. What a jerk. Where do you think domestic violence occurs? It happens everywhere.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0 - Man Shot Trying to Rob Pawn Shop Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.
The 21-year-old man, armed with a knife, entered Evans Mill Pawn Shop and tried to hold up the store Tuesday morning, Dekalb County police Officer Herschel Grangent said. The man attacked one of the store's employees, who pulled out a gun and shot the man several times, Grangent said.
Police say it appears to be self-defense. The goblin is in stable condition.

Sex Slavery in Germany and Europe

Donna M. Hughes on Sex Slavery & Germany on National Review Online Don't let anyone tell you it is a victimless crime.
Two Russian women, Masha and Irina, have come forward to tell their stories of being trafficked into prostitution in Germany.

Both women are educated professionals: Masha is a lawyer; Irina is an engineer and an accountant. Both left Russia for Germany with the promise of employment as either a housekeeper or waitress. Masha was seeking an opportunity to see the world and learn a new language; Irina was in debt and wanted a better paying job.
The police did next to nothing to help them, and once prostitution was legalized in Germany they ended up in legal brothel.

Next the Europeans want to talk about Human Rights, bring this up. [hat tip Girl on the Right]

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Domestic Violence Forum Doesn't Mention Self-defense

The Sun News | 06/20/2006 | Area seeks domestic violence solution The victimizatioin industry is still going strong. (I call them that because they are not interested in ending victimization... they thrive on victims.)

So they recognize this is a problem, second only to illegal drugs. But there is little rational discourse...
"I have buried a child and a sister due to domestic violence. ... That's what we do as victims: We get our tails whupped and then we step out on faith that there is going to be a group that is going to save our lives," Georgetown resident Diane Cuttray said.
There is no "group that is going to save [your life]." When someone breaks down the door to your home, you are on your own for at least the first few minutes - it could turn out to be the rest of your life.

They talk of education, and support groups. Not once to the mention the fact that people have the right to defend themselves and the responsibility to defend their children. No, they want the state to fix things. (That worked out really well after Kartina, don't you think?)

Self-defense is a human right. Defending your kids is the responsibility of every parent.

Rule One: Every Gun is Loaded

Xavier Thoughts: Rule One Gun safety is an important topic. Xavier has nice post on the subject.... I particularly like
Remember, there are no accidents, only negligent acts.
[Jeff Cooper]

DA Hoping to Prosecute Self-defense

Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0

Homeowner shoots two teens during burglary attempt You wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of breaking glass.
Armed with a gun, he went into his living room where he saw several people, including one person who appeared to have a weapon. Police said the homeowner fired at the person. Police would not say what kind of gun was used or how many shots were fired.
Two teens were shot. A 14-year-old was injured and is in fair condition. Another teen - they didn't say how old - was found in the woods behind the home, dead. A 17-year-old was held by the homeowner until police arrived.
District Attorney Bill Jennings said the case was still under investigation.

"My office has not had an opportunity to review all of the statements that have been taken in the case," Jennings said Monday. "It's something that we will not only review but in all likelihood will proceed to a grand jury review."
DA Jennings is no doubt hoping that he can prosecute the homeowner for defending himself. And people still question whether the revised Castle Doctrine laws are required. Do you think the thugs were standing in the living room in the middle of the night, after having broken in, because they were selling magazine subscriptions? Do you think the lights were on, or could they have been standing in the dark?

The Brady Bunch and their ilk will call this "children shot" and a "child tragically killed," because the fact that the "children" were committing a crime at the time of the shooting is just not of interest to the Brady Bunch.

Self-defense is a human right.

Monday, June 19, 2006

International Herald Tribune Likes Police States

In Somalia, Islamists begin cultural assault - Africa & Middle East - International Herald Tribune - The IHT appears to like the fact that brutal dictators can enforce law and order.
It is a happier place, and a more oppressive one.
It makes me think that they would have been impressed with the fact that Nazis made the trains run on time. They call them "Islamists" not fascists, because they don't want to offend.

If a Christian or a Jewish government did what these Islamic fascists are doing, what do you think the IHT would say?

Certainly the old system of warlords had its problems, but to paint the current regime in glowing colors is nothing short of obscene.
For every complaint the new leaders are receiving, though, many more praise them for quelling the random violence that became normal life in Mogadishu.
The fact that they are brutal oppressive regime instituting sharia appears to be OK by the IHT.

This isn't surprising given that the NYT would be happy to see a police state in America - under the control of the Left of course.

Safely O'er The Horizon

Villainous Company: Safely O'er The Horizon sung to "Somewhere O'er the Rainbow."
Safely o'er the horizon
Run away!
Can't face thugs like Zarqawi
Let's flee to Paraguay.
See the rest....

Carnival of Cordite

Spank That Donkey hosts the The 62nd Carnival of Cordite. Lot's of gunnie goodness coming your way after a week's hiatus.

Apparently Any Law is OK if it is for Safety

Dallas Morning News | Council may ban realistic toy gun Doesn't need to make sense, or be enforcable or be a part of the powers granted to the state by the Constitution.... it is for safety after all....

Tragic but Stupid

Tourist Dies After 500-foot fall in Yellowstone National Park They put up walls and guard rails for reason.
Park officials say a woman lost her footing after stepping over a retaining wall to take a picture and went over a cliff, falling
500 feet to her death in a canyon.
Tragic. Stupid. I expect the family will sue over safety - there should have been a fence she could not climb over.... so that no one will ever be able to see the canyons again. [via Texican Tattler]

Emo Phillips Conducts the Best of Me Symphony

The Owner's Manual: #134 Best of Me Symphony
I was pulled over for reckless driving. The judge asked if I knew what the punishment for drunk driving in Massa- chusetts was. I said, "I don't know... reelection to the Senate?"
BOMS is a fun collection of posts at least 60 days old, so it tends to not be swamped by the news of the day. Enjoy.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Quote of the Day

The fact that some anti-gun groups call for the wholesale confiscation and elimination of guns tells me one thing…they want to see me naked in my desperation, clutching a telephone, begging for the police to come before the intruder violates my home, my body, my child. To secure their peace of mind, they would leave me exposed to certain victimhood, rather than allowing me to empower myself and defend my God-given right to live and to protect my family.
Linda Prussen-Razzano, "So You Want To See Me Naked?"

Unarmed Victim Overwhelmed by Numbers

Man beaten with chair in home invasion - National - If four men attack you, and you are disarmed by the state - as everyone is in Australia - you are in deep yogurt.
The men chased the 41-year-old resident as he tried to flee inside, assaulting him with a chair and a broomstick.
What happened to "give them what they want, and they will leave you alone" method of dealing with burglars? This guy was no threat. He was disarmed and running away.

The truth is criminals are violent for all kinds of reasons, or no reason. The truth is disarming law-abiding citizens only protects the criminals. But the truth is something that the Left is not interested in. A gun may not have saved this man - he is in hospital with head injuries - but nothing else was going to save him. Not the police.... even if an alarm went off with the break-in, they were minutes away.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Attempted Home Invasion Robbery Ends With Fatal Shooting ** Updated ** Someone breaks into this guy's apartment - he, his wife and child are home. He grabs a rifle and shoots as the goblin crosses the threshold.

The criminal died at the local hospital. Unfortunately this news organization does not know the difference between a criminal and a victim, calling the home invader a "victim."

Update, Monday June 19: Well it seems that somebody figured out that a home invader should never be described as a victim. The story now talks about a "suspect" being shot, and being taken to the local hospital.

Most people want to do a good job, even reporters and the MSM. They don't see things like this unless it is pointed out to them, but when it is pointed out they often change it. The MSM is especially alive to allegations of bias today.... not without cause.

Friday, June 16, 2006

F-22A Reviews are in

Toast, It's not just for breakfast anymore: Pow! and the winning features - tinted windows, and the Dolby™ 7.1 surround sound system.

Gore gets it wrong

Scientists respond to Gore's warnings of climate catastrophe These guys don't mince words.
Professor Bob Carter of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, in Australia gives what, for many Canadians, is a surprising assessment: "Gore's circumstantial arguments are so weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film, are commanding public attention."
And this guy is actually on the global warming side of the fight.

Then there are little things like the following:
Carleton University paleoclimatologist Professor Tim Patterson testified, "There is no meaningful correlation between CO2 levels and Earth's temperature over this [geologic] time frame. In fact, when CO2 levels were over ten times higher than they are now, about 450 million years ago, the planet was in the depths of the absolute coldest period in the last half billion years." Patterson asked the committee, "On the basis of this evidence, how could anyone still believe that the recent relatively small increase in CO2 levels would be the major cause of the past century's modest warming?"
Other problems arise...
the 'mass balance' of Antarctica is positive - more snow is accumulating than melting off. As a result, Ball explains, there is an increase in the 'calving' of icebergs as the ice dome of Antarctica is growing and flowing to the oceans. When Greenland and Antarctica are assessed together, "their mass balance is considered to possibly increase the sea level by 0.03 mm/year - not much of an effect," Karlén concludes.
This isn't a documentary, it is propaganda.

I like this question: If humans driving SUVs are responsible for shrinking ice caps on earth, what is causing Martian ice caps to disappear? (I didn't know Ford exported that far.)

The last word goes to Professor Bob Carter of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, in Australia.
Carter does not pull his punches about Gore's activism, "The man is an embarrassment to US science and its many fine practitioners, a lot of whom know (but feel unable to state publicly) that his propaganda crusade is mostly based on junk science."

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What She Said

Ilyka Damen: The Very Last, I Swear, I Promise, Thing I Have to Say About Outing Why is it that some people are infuriated by the idea of a pseudonym. People, the world is not full of Lefty pacifists. Some people are mean, and violent, and hold a grudge. Vendetta is not uncommon.

When someone gets outed - that is their pseudonym is destroyed, and their real name put out there - sometimes there are consequences, consequences of a violent nature.

So excuse me if I keep my pseudonym, and let every last one of you know that I sleep with a loaded .357 magnum under my pillow, just in case someone figures it out anyway.

Die al-Qaeda: A Better War Song

Alliance LogoA Precision Guided Humor Assignment from The Alliance of Free Blogs (Instapundo Delenda Est!):

Seems some poor Marine (or was he a marine?) got in trouble because of a song about killing terrorists. Since that seems like a good topic for a song, the Alliance has come to the conclusion that the statement, "contrary to the high standards expected of all Marines" means it was just a bad song. So we are coming up with some better examples. Here is my take on the whole situation.

Die al-Qaeda (sung to the tune of the Knack's "My Sharona")
Ooh, you little nasty one, you bastard son
When you gonna pay for your crimes, al-Qaeda
Ooh, you've got it coming son, for what ya done
Got it comin' right 'tween the eyes, al-Qaeda

Never gonna stop, give it up, such a memory
We always get it done, not revenge, just for victory
Die, die, die, aye-aye, whoa!
D-d-d-die al-Qaeda

Look a little closer, huh, a-will ya, huh?
Close enough to look in my eyes, al-Qaeda
Keepin' it alive you see, the memory
It is just a matter of time, al-Qaeda

Never gonna stop, give it up, you can't hide you see
We always get it done, in the end, we'll have victory
Die, die, die, aye-aye, whoa!
D-d-d-die al-Qaeda
D-d-d-die al-Qaeda

When you gonna give it up, and let us be?
It is just a matter of time, al-Qaeda
Is it d-d-destiny, d-destiny
Or is it just that God's on our side, al-Qaeda?

Never gonna stop, never quit, such a memory
We always get it done, not revenge, but for victory
Die, die, die, aye-aye, whoa!
D-d-d-d-d-d-d-die, die, die, aye-aye, whoa!
D-d-d-die al-Qaeda
D-d-d-die al-Qaeda

Ooooooo-ohhh, die al-Qaeda

You don't have the right to be stupid

Homeowner destroys house with stupid mistake. So if you discover a puddle of "unknown liquid" in your garage, why would your first act be to light it with a match? There is at least some chance it is gasoline.

If you do this, don't expect your insurance to pay.
After evaluating the evidence regarding the fire, Allstate denied the fire damage claim. Allstate argues it denied the coverage because the fire damage to the home was not "accidental" as required by the homeowner's insurance policy, but Derrick intentionally dropped a match into the unknown liquid, thus causing the loss.
So far, the courts are on the side of the insurance company.

You are not insured against stupidity.

This story actually restores a little of my faith in the judicial system.

Some Good News From Iraq

IOL: Al-Zarqawi death 'will destroy al-Qaida in Iraq' Intelligence from the raid that killed al-Zarqawi is producing results.
The Iraqi government is on the attack against al-Qaida in Iraq after the death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the national security adviser said today.
“They did not anticipate how powerful the Iraqi security forces are and how the government is on the attack now,” said Iraqi National Security adviser Mouwafak al-Rubaie.
The results speak for themselves. Post-al-Zarqawi Raids Kill 104 Insurgents -
The raids also resulted in the captures of 759 "anti-Iraqi elements."
That still leaves the non-al-Qaeda elements, but the Iraqi government is dealing with them as well.

Meanwhile, al-Reuters is dancing in the blood of US service personnel: WRAPUP 3-US military deaths in Iraq hit 2,500 | And if you look, you will find this story at the Washington Post, New York Slimes Times, and probably all over the place that the Left can manage to hold that figure up.

Just for comparison...
Highway crashes claimed a total of 42,815 lives in 2002, up from 42,196 in 2001.
Crash-related injuries decreased from 3.03 million in 2001 to a record low of 2.92 million in 2002.
41% of fatal crashes involved alcohol. "10,666 people died in rollover crashes."

Or for a military comparison, consider the Ardennes Offensive (the Battle of the Bulge) which lasted for about 6 weeks to 2 months during WWII. British and American casualties amounted to the following:
  • 80,987 casualties, which breaks down as follows:
    • 10,276 dead,
    • 23,218 missing,
    • 47,493 wounded
The US casualties in World War I included 126,000 dead and 234,300 wounded in the span of 18 months. (The US was in WWI from April 6, 1917 when Congress declared war, until the armistice on November 11, 1918 - celebrated today as Veterans day.)

Shock that there is corruption in NOLA

There seems to be a bit shock and dismay that Katrina and Rita hurricane relief was spent on non-hurricane-relief items. The article $1.4 billion in aid for Katrina called fraud | Chicago Tribune is typical, though the Tribune does not sound as surprised as most. (Chicago is known for certain amount of graft and corruption after all.)
A Caribbean vacation. Pro football tickets. "Girls Gone Wild" videos. Fees for a divorce lawyer. A diamond ring. A sex-change operation.

This list is not a celebrity spending spree, but a chronicle of the fraud committed by Americans who said they were victims of Hurricane Katrina and defrauded the federal government of as much as $1.4 billion, according to a report issued Wednesday by the Government Accountability Office.
They gave away automatic teller machine cards with $2000 balances to anyone standing in line. Of course that money got spent on things aside from disaster relief.

I live in hurricane country. The radio and television during the entire month of May, and beyond, are filled with the message that in the event of major disaster, you are going to be on your own for AT LEAST 3 days.

California gives residents similar instructions about what to expect in the event of a major earthquake.

I have supplies for about a month, but living on a boat is a special circumstance (water and fuel I carry, and I usually have a fair supply of canned goods on hand... not to mention the MREs, or the ammunition)

The people in NOLA - or the ones we saw on the streets, complaining that the government was not holding their hands - were not prepared in anyway. No food - how hard is it to stock some canned foods? MREs were relatively inexpensive before Katrina. They completely disappeared as FEMA bought up everyone's stock. No bottles of water. How hard is it fill some jugs from the tap before the storm strikes. You don't have to buy water.

If you take precautions, you still may be in trouble if your supplies are destroyed, but if 80% of the people are prepared, the other 20% have a better chance of getting help. When only 20% are prepared (or fewer I think in NOLAs case) everyone suffers.

Besides, it is NOT the government's job to take care of you. As a responsible adult, you are supposed to take care of yourself.

The Left is ready of course to Blame Bush (the first comment on this post at A Tangled Web is typical.) Of course they forget, as the second commenter points out that FEMA was pressured by the hysteria generated by the Bush-hating MSM to get the money to these people now. You remember those MSM reported rumors stories about cannibalism, or sniper attacks don't you? It was a stellar example of the finest the journalism profession has to offer us these days.

If a hurricane strikes where I live, I really don't expect the government to save my life. In fact, it I choose to ignore a "mandatory" order of evacuation, which I have done in order to stay with the boat, I would expect to be on my own. Ignoring that order means I don't get to call 911 if something bad happens. Not that 911 will be working anyway.

But this attitude is foreign to Left. "Rely on yourself? Don't you know you are supposed to turn your whole life over to the government?" Well we saw how well that worked in NOLA, didn't we.

I made a choice to live in an area subject to frequent, recurring, natural disasters. Why do you have the responsibility to save me from the consequences of my own decisions?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Day Late to the Bias Check

Alphecca: Weekly Check on the Bias But still worth it. If you haven't already go take a look at what the MSM has been up to. Of special interest to me is the vile propaganda in the Orlando paper about Stand Your Ground.

Who Would Want to Live in NY anyway?

The future of NY's socialist programs is in doubt: Flight of Young Adults Is Causing Alarm Upstate - New York Times There are a couple of places I will never live. New York, California and Massachusetts top the list. I would add other places, but I may have to go "home" and care for an aging parent someday, so I may be forced to live in at least one of the "People's Republics" again.

So it doesn't surprise me to read that young, educated people are leaving New York in droves.
Upstate New York is staggering from an accelerating exodus of young adults, new census results show. The migration is turning many communities grayer, threatening the long-term viability of ailing cities and raising concerns about the state's future tax base.
Insane tax policies drive business away. The jobs and the people follow.
From 1990 to 2004, the number of 25-to-34-year-old residents in the 52 counties north of Rockland and Putnam declined by more than 25 percent. In 13 counties that include cities like Buffalo, Syracuse and Binghamton, the population of young adults fell by more than 30 percent.
NYC made up some of the difference, but people are not opting to live in poverty-like conditions. (What does a 1-bedroom apartment in NYC go for these days?) Not to mention stuff like this.

Oh, and the numbers have been cooked already by a couple of "issues" with the data, such as this item:
Population growth upstate might have lagged even more but for the influx of 21,000 prison inmates, who accounted for 30 percent of new residents.
Great addition to the community there. And don't pay attention to the population increase of young adults around Cornell University and Ithaca College.... that's all from the tourism industry.

From my point-of-view, the state of New York is too eager to take away my rights at every turn. Same for Mass, and Calif - though I lived in California for close to 5 years, and couldn't wait to leave. That had absolutely nothing to do with their draconian gun laws, and everything to do with the rampant insanity that leads to things like the draconian gun laws. Mass is just too damn snobbish, or at least Boston and environs are. (A great place to visit... Love the Kennedy Library!)

They try to whitewash it of course, and end with a quote about someone who wants to live in upstate New York, but of course the numbers are against them.

Intruder Shot and Killed by Homeowner :: Magazine man killed in break-in , police say (What the heck is a magazine man?) Anyway, this goof comes banging on the doors and windows asking for someone who does not live at the residence in question. He would not leave when repeatedly asked to do so.
[The intruder] found a bat outside, broke out the window of the daughter’s bedroom and began to climb inside. [Logan County Sheriff Mark] Limbird said the resident pointed a 12-gauge shotgun into the room and fired, hoping to scare [the mutant] away. The shotgun slug struck [the intruder]
The resident was not arrested.

This all happened at about 2 AM, Saturday. How would you have reacted to someone climbing into your child's room in the middle of the night? I wonder what the Brady Bunch thinks should have happened?

One Homeowner Defends Himself, One is Charged with Assault

2 homeowner-related shootings investigated; 1 homeowner charged - The Clarion-Ledger One homeowner shot a man who was lunging at him. The other shot a fleeing youth in the back through a window. One man faced an imminent threat of death or grave bodily injury; the other did not.
Under current Mississippi law, a citizen can legally kill someone when resisting an attempt to commit a felony upon the person or in that person’s dwelling. A killing also is justified if a person thinks there is imminent danger of a felony being committed or the infliction of great personal injury upon him.
Shooting someone who is running away from you, does not fulfill the requirements of Mississippi's version of the Castle Doctrine.

The Castle Doctrine laws being passed around the country today are NOT a license to kill.

Your Tax Dollars at Work | Bogus aid payouts latest FEMA snafu FEMA is "95% sure" that between 600 million and 1.4 billion dollars in relief for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were fraudulent.

Why is it that I should want to repeat this again this year?

Details of a Domestic Dispute

The Post and Courier | With every domestic call, deputies step into danger We often are told that domestic disturbances are a dangerous place for the police. Here is one such story, that ended with a police officer stabbed, and suspect shot and killed.

An interesting if chilling look into the problems police face on a daily basis.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Failed Restraining Order Tragedy

News in brief from California's North Coast Restraining orders are fine things, but they are not the first and last means of defense anyone should rely on. Another tragedy that a restraining order failed to stop.
Authorities received a 911 call from a neighbor who reported hearing gunfire and seeing Crystal Springer's ex-husband, Raymond Springer, leaving the home Sunday afternoon. The neighbor told authorities he ran into the home and found Crystal Springer slumped against a wall.

Forty minutes later, Colusa County authorities received a report of a single car accident on Highway 20 just west of Williams.

Officials believe Raymond Springer was driving east when he shot himself in the head with a handgun.
A restraining order was obtained on May 16th and served May 18th.

Restraining orders are necessary legal documents if someone is stalking or abusing you. They are useful in court if they are violated. They will not protect you from anything. As for the police, they are usually only called after the crime has been committed. As The Offspring said in their song, "Come on Out and Play,"
by the time you hear the sirens, it's already too late.
I am so tired of reading about murder/suicides. Why do these people - men or women - feel that need to kill someone else, let alone themselves, over a failed relationship?

SF Gun Ban Killed

AP Wire | 06/12/2006 | Judge overturns San Francisco weapons ban To no one's surprise...
Warren's decision was not unexpected. In 1982, a California appeals court nullified an almost identical San Francisco gun ban largely on grounds that the city cannot enact an ordinance that conflicts with state law.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Watching the Weasels

As you may or may not already be aware, members of the Watcher's Council hold a vote every week on what they consider to be the most link-worthy pieces of writing around... per the Watcher's instructions, I am submitting one of my own posts for consideration in the upcoming nominations process.

Here is the most recent winning council post, here is the most recent winning non-council post, here is the list of results for the latest vote, and here is the initial posting of all the nominees that were voted on.

Smoked Goblin, Isle 4

14 WFIE, The Tri-State's News Leader: KY Man Killed in Attempted Robbery Not all businesses are disarmed-victim-zones.
According to Lexington police, 26-year-old Charles Harmon entered Sub-City Market around 9:30 Sunday morning, hinted that he was armed, and demanded money. Police say the clerk then pulled out a handgun and shot Harmon, who briefly fled on foot before collapsing.
He was pronounced dead at the local hospital. [via KABA]

Stupid Advice from Canada

Calgary on edge as hunt for rapist continues: So what should a woman do if attacked by a rapist?
Aside from remaining aware of surroundings, [Detective] Lafreniere's best advice to anyone who is attacked by the [serial rapist] is: "Scream your head off."
Of course Canada, following in the footsteps of the UK has made it virtually impossible for a small woman to defend herself against a large attacker. Guns? Knives? Don't you know how dangerous those things are? Of course the attacker knows as well - he uses a knife - and he knows that none of his victims will have those dangerous things. None of his victims will be dangerous. [via KABA]

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Taking Responsibility for Your Safety is Apparently Controversial News - Women told 'drink less' to avoid rape OK, no one deserves to be attacked. But as an adult, you have to take some action to ensure your personal safety.

We expect this in all areas of life. "Wear your seatbelts," we are told. Eat right. Exercise. Don't smoke. None of these instructions guarantee anything. You can still be killed in a car crash if you are wearing your seatbelt, but the odds of injury change when you take some action. Non-smokers do get lung cancer, just not as frequently as smokers. But in all these areas of life we are expected to take action to influence the outcome of events. We are asked, as responsible adults to impact the world we live in.

But apply this same rationale to crime, avoiding crime, and defending yourself from crime, and you are accused of "blaming the victim." I am not. The blame for any criminal action rests squarely and completely on the criminal. But we can (and do) take action to limit our exposure to crime.

Why do people lock the doors to their houses? Why do people install burglar alarms and tracking devices in their cars? Because doing so limits their exposure to crime. A locked house is harder to get into than one with the doors open. Burglar alarms in our homes. High quality locks on our doors. All of these things are things we are expected to do, or at least no one is surprised when we do.

But step out of the door, into a world that is demonstrably a violent place, where crime, can and does occur, and asking people to take some action to influence the outcome becomes controversial.
A POLICE chief sparks controversy today by suggesting the number of rapes in Scotland could be substantially reduced if women drank less.

Neil Richardson, assistant chief constable of Lothian and Borders Police, bases his claim on new research which identified victims' alcohol consumption as significant in a third of attacks.
Alcohol is involved in 33% of rapes. This isn't the glass of wine with dinner, this is serious drinking.
Nearly two-thirds of young adults have got so drunk that they suffered memory loss during the past fortnight.
Seems then that a simple analysis of the statistics might indicate a recommended change in behavior.

Scotland has, like the rest of the UK, made it nearly impossible to defend yourself as well. While I would not want people who were so drunk as to incur memory loss being armed, the other two thirds of the crimes do not involve alcohol. But these women have been disarmed by the government. (I'm sure the government said it was for their own good, but it turns out to benefit only their attackers.)

Scotland also has a dismal record of prosecuting rapes. Only about 5% of cases yield convictions - the worst rate in Europe. Which leads me to wonder how many crimes are unreported. After all, what's the use of reporting a crime that will not be punished?

While "No" should always mean "No," indicating that you can take actions that influence the world around you should not be controversial. It is called being a responsible adult. Of course the Left does not want people to take too much responsibility for their own lives. The Left generally wants government to take responsibility. It is after all easier to rule sheep than it is to govern sheep dogs.

[Hat tip Lest Darkness Fall who's statement about running "naked and blindfolded through bear country while covered in bacon grease" made me laugh]

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Convict Sues the Store He Tried to Rob, 2 Employees Who Captured Him

Would-Be Robber Sues 2 Who Foiled Plan, From Prison Claims Employees Assaulted Him While Stopping Hold Up - CBS News More stupid law suits.

You should not be sued for defending yourself, or for stopping a crime. But that is not the way things work in New York.
Dana Buckman entered the AutoZone in Rochester, New York, last July, brandished a semi-automatic pistol and demanded cash.

Eli Crespo and Jerry Vega – who were working that day – didn't cooperate. The pair beat the would-be robber with a pipe and held him at bay with his own gun.
So of course he is suing them.

And the goblin in this case isn't filing his own case. His lawyer is doing it. This is the kind of thing that gives lawyers a bad name. [h/t NRA-ILA]

MSM Gets It Wrong Again, Nobody Notices

Time’s “Corrections” About Haditha So after publishing a series of lies, based on sources of questionable veracity (dressed up to be tied to Human Rights Watch), Time is now changing its tune. But no one in the MSM will care, as long as they have the chance to bash the military and the US.

Too much good stuff to summarize, but you won't be disappointed if you go look. [hat tip Llama Butcher Robbo]

Friday, June 09, 2006

BBC Reports Something Positive from Iraq

A Cold Day in HellBBC NEWS | Middle East | Zarqawi's death: Iraqis speak Sure, it isn't all sweetness and light, but it isn't all doom and gloom. They include a photo of celebrating Iraqis and include the most positive quote up front. They have negative quotes (it is the BBC after all) but they are farther down the page.

It must be unseasonably cold in Hell this time of year.

Check Your Guns at the Door in Arizona

Governor gets one out of three right No more blanket bans.
[The] state may not prohibit firearms in public buildings unless those buildings provide secure but readily accessible storage for firearms carried by people using the building. That storage must allow for "immediate retrieval" when the firearms owners leave a building or event.
[Hat tip NRA-ILA]

Gay Rights and the Stonewall Riots

gay flagWhile several organizations were around before 1969, the start of the movement to secure Gay civil rights is usually associated with the Stonewall riots.

All you straight folks out there have no idea of gay history. I even had a protracted argument one day, with someone who was generally well educated and aware of political reality, that there were no gay bars before the 1980s. There were. They were underground, and even maintaining a low profile was no guarantee that police wouldn't show up.

The Stonewall Inn was a gay bar in The Village neighborhood of New York. Since gay bars had been basically illegal before 1966, it was not uncommon for gay bars to be mafia run. Stonewall was reputed to be mafia run.

Prior to 1966 it was illegal for a bartender to serve a drink to 3 or more homosexuals. So of course, this being the 60s, a "sip in" was staged. The NY liquor board later stated that the rules never had been what the rules actually were, so gay bars started to prolfierate after 66.

The police still took delight in harassing gays, lesbians and transgendered at every turn after 66. On June 27, 1969, a Friday night, they decided to raid the Stonewall Inn. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and the following Wednesday riots were the result of that raid.

[take a look at the desperate criminals arrested by police at a 1962 Halloween Party.
New York must have been VERY safe in 1962, if this is how police were spending their time on Halloween.]

When police would raid a bar, they would arrest anyone "in clothes usually reserved for the other gender." Drag queens and lesbians in butch attire. Sometimes they would simply arrest everyone in the bar. Often they would publish the names of those arrested in the paper.

As they were forcing a lesbian into a squad car on that Friday night in June, she struggled. The crowd decided she had the right idea, and attacked. There were 400 "onlookers" and 8 police, so the police retreated and barricaded themselves in the bar. Since resisting was not to be condoned the cops grabbed the first person they could and dragged him into the bar and beat him. That person was heterosexual folk singer Dave van Ronk, who had come from a straight club down the block to see what the commotion was all about. (Van Ronk was later charged with assaulting police.) A parking meter was uprooted and turned into a battering ram. Someone tried to set fire to the bar with the police inside. Eventually more police arrived and dispersed the crowd. The two following nights, and the next Wednesday saw more of the same, and galvanized the Gay Community.

The first Gay Pride parade took place the following year, in commemoration of the riots.

6 years for murder? NewsFlash - Woman sentenced to 6-15 years in husband's butcher-knife death So much for justice. DAs taking easy pleas because they can't be bothered to care about the victims. I suppose this case had no chance of advancing anyone's political career.

ChronWatch Takes WaPo to Task for Gun Control Lies

"Gun Control: Why Tell the Truth When a Lie Will Do?" by Howard�Nemerov WaPo hauls out the Brady Bunch lie of "500 children" killed each year in firearm accidents.
Citing 2003 data from the Centers for Disease Control–the latest available online–and using the standard definition of “child,” [as someone who has not yet reached puberty] the number of accidental firearms deaths was 56, and the total number for minors (under age 18) was 102. To reach the number stated in the article, we must include all fatal firearms accidents through age 45.
But then when has the MSM been interested in reporting facts? Not in my lifetime. It appears that the so much more interested in promoting a certain political agenda. Most people call this propaganda.

Anyway, there is more to the WaPo's lies, and more to the ChronWatch story. Go take a look.

Another Restraining Order Does Nothing

Monroe police arrest man in wife's death
MONROE, La. -- A man accused of murdering his wife one day after she obtained a restraining order against him has been booked in her death
Restraining orders are fine as far as they go. But they are not protection from violence.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi Strike Video

I looked at all of the news sites, but could only find talking heads - mostly that Col. describing what went on and answering questions. Leave it to to have the video.

Self-defense, Wrongful Death, & the Castle Doctrine

Court: Insurance Must Cover Suit Defense I don't know much about insurance law, to say if it is a good idea to force insurance companies to cover this or not.

My take on the whole thing is that the guy defended himself against attack. He should not be subject to a wrongful death suit. This is why the Castle Doctrine laws working their way through state legislatures around the country are important. If I am forced to defend myself from you, neither you nor your estate should be able to sue me for damages. Anything that happened - injury or death - was a direct result of your actions, that caused me to defend myself. Don't come looking to me because you don't want to take responsibility for your own actions.

But then hardly anyone in America wants to take responsibility.

Florida Gun Rights Move Forward

LibertyFlorida Governor Jeb Bush Sets Record by Signing “Six-Pack of Freedom” A good day for gun rights in Florida. These pro-gun and pro-hunting bills supported by NRA and Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

The summary of the bills as provided by the NRA is as follows
  1. HB-125 Hunter Voter Bill: Makes it easier for hunters and fishermen to register to vote.
  2. HB-265 No-Net-Loss of Hunting Lands: Protect hunting lands and our hunting heritage.
  3. HB-285 No Confiscation of Firearms During Emergencies: Prohibit confiscation of firearms following hurricanes (such as was done in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina).
  4. HB-687 Public Records Exemption of CCW License Holders Information: Protects the privacy rights of concealed weapons and firearms license holders.
  5. HB-1029 Firearms in National Forests & State Parks: Restores the right to possess firearms for self-defense and other lawful purposes while in National Forests and State Parks in Florida.
  6. SB-1290 Concealed Weapons/License Renewal for U.S. Armed Services Members: Assists men and women serving on active duty in military service to our nation with renewal of their concealed weapons and firearms licenses.
With hurricane season upon us, I am most happy to see confiscation of firearms prohibited in emergencies, though I personally believe that this is redundant given the Second Amendment.

I am also happy that personal information of CCW permit holders is now confidential. Publishing lists of permit holders - which several papers did - enables identity theft, tells abusers where to find the people they are stalking, etc. This information should never have been public.

The United Kingdom, Crime and Self-defense

Birmingham - Why all true citizens need their own guns This opinion piece is superbly written. It questions the logic behind gun grabbers, since after years of disarming the population, the UK suffers from extremely high rates of violent crime.

As for the arguments presented by the gun grabbers,
this whole line of thinking is nonsense. We already have some of the strictest controls in the developed world on the carrying of weapons.

We also have some of the highest levels of armed crime. Indeed, we are reaching the point where we shall need to show proof of identity before buying knives and forks.
Typical statist thinking. This set of laws has not worked in the past, so we need to even more laws like them in future. (Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results is one definition of insanity.)

Instead of keeping law-abiding people from defending themselves, society should be helping them to do so.

This approach is not new - not even in Britain.
Until the end of the 19th century, anyone in Britain could walk into a gun shop and, without showing any licence or any form of identification, buy as many guns and as much ammunition as he wanted, and could carry loaded guns in public, and could use these for selfdefence. The law not only allowed this, but even expected it. We were encouraged to take primary responsibility for our own protection. The function of the police was simply to assist.
Of course the statists that control the UK will not give power back to a powerless population. Freedom is not the thing that governments provide. Freedom exists when governments are held in check. [Hat tip NRA-ILA]

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Senate Republicans Abandon Conservatives, Then Try to Hide Behind Gay Marriage Amendment

gay flag I haven't written much about the Senate and the so-called marriage amendment. Mostly because I am so disgusted with the Republican party that I can't see where to begin.

First, they can't be bothered to do important things - completely eliminate the death tax say (which comes back in 2011). They can't even think about doing something sane about immigration, and rewarding people who broke the law - via amnesty - spits in the face of everyone trying to get to this country legally.

So in order to cover up from their disastrous immigration bull bill, they need some "conservative cover" in the form of an anti-gay amendment that had no chance of passing. Can you say grandstanding? Can you be any more cynical than this?

Whatever happened to Federalism? You know, where the states are responsible for some things (like marriage) and the federal government buts out of their business? Oh, that is just fine when it is an issue conservatives like, but not on gay relationships and certainly not on gay marriage.

Here's an idea. Abolish the legal definition of marriage. Let it just be a religious institution. Tax laws would be neutral. My next-of-kin is who I say it is in my living will. Inheritance would be by wills or probate. Why is the government in the middle of a religious institution anyway? As far as I can see, they only ever discriminate in favor of - or against - married couples anyway. (Is there a marriage penalty or not?)

Every member of the Senate who voted for that travesty of an immigration bill should be thrown out of office. Or at least the Republicans should be. You can make the argument that the Dems were at least "listening to their voters." The Republicans in the Senate just showed they don't give a damn about what Republicans in the rest of the country think, so they tried to create a smoke screen with this stupid amendment.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Police: Would-Be Victim Pulls Gun, Shoots Robber So once again we have a story of an armed citizen foiling a violent crime.
Police said Luther Cook, 42, pretended to have a weapon and attempted to rob the victim.

But the victim actually had a gun and shot Cook, NBC 10 reported.
The goblin is in the hospital in stable condition and faces several charges.

Another Example of Self-defense Working to Reduce Crime

Worker's shot scares off would-be robbers Another example of defending yourself that worked.
Two males, ages about 18 to 20, entered New York Gold Exchange, Eighth and Main streets, about 5:45 p.m. One pulled out a gun and they threatened to rob the store, Sasson said. Employee Adam Tee fired back.
Defending yourself deters crime. The two goblins ran like rabbits.

Libertarian Calls on UK to Restore Self-defense Rights

icBirmingham - Why all true citizens need their own guns This opinion piece is superbly written. It questions the logic behind gun grabbers, since after years of disarming the population, the UK suffers from extremely high rates of violent crime.

As for the arguments presented by the gun grabbers,
this whole line of thinking is nonsense. We already have some of the strictest controls in the developed world on the carrying of weapons.

We also have some of the highest levels of armed crime. Indeed, we are reaching the point where we shall need to show proof of identity before buying knives and forks.
Typical statist thinking. This set of laws has not worked in the past, so we need to even more laws like them in future. (Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results is one definition of insanity.)

This approach is not new - not even in Britain.
Until the end of the 19th century, anyone in Britain could walk into a gun shop and, without showing any licence or any form of identification, buy as many guns and as much ammunition as he wanted, and could carry loaded guns in public, and could use these for selfdefence. The law not only allowed this, but even expected it. We were encouraged to take primary responsibility for our own protection. The function of the police was simply to assist.
Of course the statists that control the UK will not give power back to a powerless population. Freedom is not the thing that governments provide.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More Restraining Order Insanity - Domestic Violence - FOX Fan I don't often miss stories with the following quote:
The restraining order wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.
Since it is one of my favorite sayings.

Restraining orders are often touted as the solution to domestic violence. Of course they hardly work at all.
Research shows that almost half of the perpetrators re-abused their victims after the issuance of a protective order.
They fail almost half the time. If the brakes on your car only worked at about half the intersections before which you needed to stop, how much would you rely on your brakes?

So what is the solution? The law isn't working because violent people ignore the law, we will pass more laws.
Oklahoma State Representative Ron Peters saw firsthand that protective orders have "no teeth." This meant one thing — abusers didn’t take them seriously, so the abuse continued. Peters wrote and sponsored a bill calling for stronger penalties for protective order violations.
That should work.

Here's an idea, how about if we teach every abused person to defend themselves and allow them to purchase firearms tax free? If abusers knew that their intended victims were at home with .357 magunums, jacketed-hollow-point ammo, and the knowledge to use them, the incidence of abuse would be reduced. Some people are just plain insane, so the abuse would not fall to zero. I would bet that the number of justifiable homicides would go up.

And for all the gun-grabbing liberals.... just how is a 110 pound woman supposed to defend herself from a 190 pound abuser without a firearm?

Not Surprising

UNH study says among college students, more women abuse partners - As the author says, "chivalry is alive."

It's also not surprising that the feminists have their panties in a bunch....
Kathy Beebe, director of Sexual Assault Support Services, said the study did not deal with the circumstances of the abuse.
Of course no explanation is given as to what that statement means, it was just necessary for the reporter to a get a quote dismissing the study. What the hell do the circumstances of the abuse have to do with anything? Unless Beebe is implying that the "abuse" meted out by women is somehow defensive, and then it wouldn't be called abuse. If you break the law (and abuse is against the law) the cirumstances leading up the incident are beside the point.

The other thing that is disturbing is the way men are treated when they claim to be abused.
In some cases, when they tried to get help, they were referred to programs for batterers.
Now that is just plain stupid.

Self-defense Works

Baxter Bulletin - One dead, one hurt in shooting A man is attacked by his brother-in-law and two others. They beat on him with pieces of wood. When they threaten to kill him, he retrieives his gun shooting two of them. The brother-in-law is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. One of the others is dead. The third guy ran away.

Even if you are in the right, you will probably be arrested... cops on the scene are not in the business of determining guilt and innocence. And that is what happened here.
The preliminary investigation indicated Morse [the homeowner] was acting in self-defense, and after consulting with the prosecuting attorney's office, deputies released Morse from custody.
So I wonder how the Brady Bunch would explain this away. Three bad guys, armed only with crude clubs, attack a law-abiding citizen. How could Morse have defended himself if he didn't have a gun. Disarming him, would have made it possible for these three thugs to kill Morse.

Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0 (Though the third guy did get away.)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Quote of the Day

Whatever else history may say about me when I’m gone, I hope it will record that I appealed to your best hopes, not your worst fears; to your confidence rather than your doubts. My dream is that you will travel the road ahead with liberty’s lamp guiding your steps and opportunity’s arm steadying your way
President Ronald Reagan
1992 Republican National Convention
[hat tip Beth of MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy]

Domestic Violence Goes Both Ways

Stabbing in Davenport
A woman who police say stabbed her live-in boyfriend is behind bars.
So they have an argument, and she grabs a knife and stabs him in the leg. - Central Oregon's Local News - Woman arrested in Bend boyfriend's stabbing
Officers arrived to find alleged victim Thomas Dean Ricketts, 53, of Bend, sitting on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant with a cut to his head that was bleeding severely, Taylor said. Bend Fire paramedics treated the wound and took Ricketts to St. Charles Medical Center-Bend, where he was further treated for the non-life threatening injury, Taylor said.

Before going to the hospital, Ricketts told officers that he'd been stabbed after an argument with his girlfriend, Theresa Maureen Jones, 48
Are we less civilized than we were, or was this kind of thing just studiously ignored?

[I often get grief for concentrating on male-on-female domestic violence. All I can say is that stories on the news sites are skewed that way...]

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Winston-Salem Journal | Man killed after trying to force his way into 2 houses, say police Some guys (gals too) just don't know when a relationship is over.
Sheriff's Capt. Brad Stanley said a man tried to force his way into the front door of 2804 Friedland Church Road, where a woman who may have been his former girlfriend lives. The man shot off the locks of the front door with a shotgun and entered the house, he said.
The woman ran to a house next door at 2808 Friedland Church Road, where a married couple lives, Stanley said. The man followed her and shot off the lock of a side door of the neighbor's house. A man inside the second house killed the attacker with a shotgun, Stanley said.
One shot to the chest.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The "It Can't Happen to Me" Myth

Hidalgo County suffering from rash of home invasions People like to pretend that if they are good, violent crime will pass them by. The truth is somewhat different.

Brownsville, Texas is suffering from a string of home invasions, mostly violent. While some are perpetrated by people who know the homeowners, this is not always the case.
In half of the reported cases, there was some type of relationship between the victim and the assailants. The rest were reported as random acts of aggravated robbery.
Half the invasions did not rely on your "lifestyle."

So how do these thugs select a house, when not attacking someone they know?
[In] stranger-to-stranger invasions, perpetrators target homes in affluent neighborhoods that appear to hold valuables inside.
All you have to do is look prosperous to the thugs.

And living in a rural community was also no insurance, since before this year, home invasions were MORE LIKELY to occur in rural settings - where police response times would be high. City dewellers are no longer immune to stranger-on-stranger home invasions, as this year more are happening in the city.

The Incredible Sinking City

ABC News: New Orleans Sinking Faster Than Thought Great... A bigger sink-hole for federal funds is just what we need.
parts of the city are sinking even faster than many scientists imagined more than an inch a year.

That may explain some of the levee failures during Hurricane Katrina and it raises more worries about the future.
To my way of thinking, it isn't a good idea to rebuild a city under these conditions. If they must rebuild, it should be on solid (and higher) ground. [Hat Tip to Poliburo Diktat]

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bias in the Media - Vicious Criminal or Saintly Brother?

Corning Leader: Family mourns loss of Prescott This guy was shot in self-defense, and his two brothers face felony battery charges from the same incident, but this mouthpiece for anti-gun propaganda newspaper portrays him as if he were a saint. Relatives recount "fond memories" of a man described as "quiet" and "gentle."

I'm sorry, but if he was really shot in self-defense - and no charges have been filed against the shooter - then for at least one moment in time he was neither quiet nor gentle.

But the MSM has to protray the sad loss of man who ran down to the store to buy popsicles for sick kids. He was the victim of shooting after all! (Again, if he was shot in self-defense, he was no victim, but the MSM has trouble with the whole language thing. Criminal, victim, self-defense, vigilantism... these are tough to keep straight. </sarcasm>)

I am sure his family will miss him. I am sure his family will miss his two brothers while they serve time for felony battery (assuming they are convicted... innocent until proven guilty and all that). But I am equally sure that the relatives of the person who defended himself are happy that they will not be missing him.

For someone to be shot in self-defense, they must present a reasonable threat of imminent death or grave bodily injury. Saints are not usually shot in self-defense.