Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bias in the Media - Vicious Criminal or Saintly Brother?

Corning Leader: Family mourns loss of Prescott This guy was shot in self-defense, and his two brothers face felony battery charges from the same incident, but this mouthpiece for anti-gun propaganda newspaper portrays him as if he were a saint. Relatives recount "fond memories" of a man described as "quiet" and "gentle."

I'm sorry, but if he was really shot in self-defense - and no charges have been filed against the shooter - then for at least one moment in time he was neither quiet nor gentle.

But the MSM has to protray the sad loss of man who ran down to the store to buy popsicles for sick kids. He was the victim of shooting after all! (Again, if he was shot in self-defense, he was no victim, but the MSM has trouble with the whole language thing. Criminal, victim, self-defense, vigilantism... these are tough to keep straight. </sarcasm>)

I am sure his family will miss him. I am sure his family will miss his two brothers while they serve time for felony battery (assuming they are convicted... innocent until proven guilty and all that). But I am equally sure that the relatives of the person who defended himself are happy that they will not be missing him.

For someone to be shot in self-defense, they must present a reasonable threat of imminent death or grave bodily injury. Saints are not usually shot in self-defense.

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