Friday, June 09, 2006

ChronWatch Takes WaPo to Task for Gun Control Lies

"Gun Control: Why Tell the Truth When a Lie Will Do?" by Howard�Nemerov WaPo hauls out the Brady Bunch lie of "500 children" killed each year in firearm accidents.
Citing 2003 data from the Centers for Disease Control–the latest available online–and using the standard definition of “child,” [as someone who has not yet reached puberty] the number of accidental firearms deaths was 56, and the total number for minors (under age 18) was 102. To reach the number stated in the article, we must include all fatal firearms accidents through age 45.
But then when has the MSM been interested in reporting facts? Not in my lifetime. It appears that the so much more interested in promoting a certain political agenda. Most people call this propaganda.

Anyway, there is more to the WaPo's lies, and more to the ChronWatch story. Go take a look.

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