Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Domestic Violence Forum Doesn't Mention Self-defense

The Sun News | 06/20/2006 | Area seeks domestic violence solution The victimizatioin industry is still going strong. (I call them that because they are not interested in ending victimization... they thrive on victims.)

So they recognize this is a problem, second only to illegal drugs. But there is little rational discourse...
"I have buried a child and a sister due to domestic violence. ... That's what we do as victims: We get our tails whupped and then we step out on faith that there is going to be a group that is going to save our lives," Georgetown resident Diane Cuttray said.
There is no "group that is going to save [your life]." When someone breaks down the door to your home, you are on your own for at least the first few minutes - it could turn out to be the rest of your life.

They talk of education, and support groups. Not once to the mention the fact that people have the right to defend themselves and the responsibility to defend their children. No, they want the state to fix things. (That worked out really well after Kartina, don't you think?)

Self-defense is a human right. Defending your kids is the responsibility of every parent.

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