Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Failed Restraining Order Tragedy

News in brief from California's North Coast Restraining orders are fine things, but they are not the first and last means of defense anyone should rely on. Another tragedy that a restraining order failed to stop.
Authorities received a 911 call from a neighbor who reported hearing gunfire and seeing Crystal Springer's ex-husband, Raymond Springer, leaving the home Sunday afternoon. The neighbor told authorities he ran into the home and found Crystal Springer slumped against a wall.

Forty minutes later, Colusa County authorities received a report of a single car accident on Highway 20 just west of Williams.

Officials believe Raymond Springer was driving east when he shot himself in the head with a handgun.
A restraining order was obtained on May 16th and served May 18th.

Restraining orders are necessary legal documents if someone is stalking or abusing you. They are useful in court if they are violated. They will not protect you from anything. As for the police, they are usually only called after the crime has been committed. As The Offspring said in their song, "Come on Out and Play,"
by the time you hear the sirens, it's already too late.
I am so tired of reading about murder/suicides. Why do these people - men or women - feel that need to kill someone else, let alone themselves, over a failed relationship?

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