Friday, June 23, 2006

Modern Dentistry

It isn't painless once the lidocaine wears off, though it isn't bad either... except for the sensitivity to cold. Can't even have a beer. Thank the gods someone gave me some Maker's Mark a few days ago. Bourbon neat isn't my first choice, but what can you do? And Bourbon with no ice is drinkable.... gin with no ice is a disaster. (Humm the theme from MASH, only because I don't remember the words.)

It also isn't completely painless, as some of us don't respond 100% to lidocaine... I nearly went through the roof a couple of times.... Still better than nothing. (I just don't like those big silver needles sticking in my mouth to start with!)

Thank goodness I have a dentist I like, and she does understand my fear.... I had a horrible dentist as a child, but living in a small town, there wasn't much choice... not that I had any choice in the matter.

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