Thursday, June 22, 2006

Self-defense in Texas | Resident kills robbery suspect in northwest Harris County I would like to call this "Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0," but 2 bad guys got away, and the homeowner was shot - treated at the local hospital and released.

So three goblins come to his house at 1 AM, one wearing a gas company uniform. They claim to be looking for a leak. The only problem: there is no gas in that area.
The homeowner grabbed a pistol and went through the garage door, where he encountered the man and least two others , police said.

"One of the suspects jumped him, and there was a brief struggle," Martin said.

The homeowner was shot once in the arm but was able to return fire, fatally wounding the man in the uniform.

The others fled.
This illustrates a few things.
  1. Criminals are Stupid: posing a gas company employee where there is no gas.
  2. Get the gun before you investigate.
  3. Self-defense works
  4. When faced with armed resistance most criminals run like scared rabbits.

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